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Viking raid

As per usual, a couple of things – one, I unreservedly apologise for not doing the Bedfont LSC game. Shit happens. No guarantee over Ditton either. Secondly, I am looking for somebody to do the Chessington and Hook game as I’m in the United States yet again. Contact at the usual address. And thirdly, the SUFTD thing was well worth it – even a miserable old cynic who wasn’t even planning on going digged it. Can’t really get into Mark Thomas, no matter how hard I try, but all acts were superb. And I will never look at the “AFC” in AFCW’s name in quite the same way again.

vik_afcw Anyhoo, back to the programme, and more importantly back to winning ways. Yup, another handcuffing and whipping of a slavish entity, this time Viking 0 Dogger 4 was the order of the day. To be blunt, Viking were crap and only their goalie kept them in it. Although the first goal came off via a shin, it was no more than we deserved : though we laboured a bit, and Cooper seems to have the touch of the Diego Forlans about him, we exploded into life : firstly, with New Kid Andrew Petty being a heartbreaker, then KC finally shooting right and finishing off with the New Kid hanging tough. All in all, much needed And speaking of much needed…

Plus points: We won. 4-0. Away. Much more fluid. Good debut from the New Kid.

Tramadol Online Overnight 180 Minus points: Disappointing turnout. Should have won 8-0

Purchase Tramadol Overnight Tasteless metaphores of our time: Our shooting was on a par with Al-Qaeda trying to shoot down an Israeli charter jet. The referee’s a…… : Usual crap. Somehow managed to miss an utterly blatant challenge on one of our players, who went so high in the air Heathrow ATC had to reroute the landing planes. Viking warriors: Shame we couldn’t fill their coffers more, but then maybe playing on a Sunday before Xmas wasn’t such a good idea – I knew of at least three people who couldn’t go for starters. Excellent programme (OK, so it was free), sadly a couple of their fans were reportedly shouting abuse at their black players. Then again, as Hayes is reportedly deep Celsi area, nobody should even be remotely surprised.

Online Tramadol Cod Hayes: Was that place closed or what? Creepy. Hayes’ ground BTW reminds me a lot of Dalymount Park, insofar as they spent money on refurbishing their main stand and neglected to do anything to the toilets. Ew. Quotes: “The back four looks more nervous than Saddam Hussein’s high command”. Umm, we’re really overdoing it with the topicial stuff today.

Point to ponder: Wasn’t it nice to see Viking do a major continental style manoever today? Never mind give-and-go, pass-and-move, total-football style wank, I mean the outfield players taking the goal kicks…

Truth is stranger than fiction: Having your impact in non-league football described as a “scud” in the VG programme. I thought scuds were the crappy, inaccurate weapons?

Point to ponder, revisited: Coming back, I had to stand from Hayes to Paddington. It was a bit of a reminder of the good old days coming back from such toilets as Burnley. And I realised that instead of having to wait until midnight before I got back, I could return back to SW19 towers almost before 7pm. Further proof if any more was still needed, that we really have done the right thing with AFCW. Anything else? Not really TBH, I think people were tired/hungover (or both) from last night.

Buying Tramadol In The Uk So, was it worth it? Yeah, guess so

Tramadol Where To Buy Uk In a nutshell: Yo heave ho