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Womens corp

What a strange match Gentle(wo)men 2 Officers 1 was. I know we all love Sandhurst for the warm welcome (and 3 points) they gave us on that glorious, historic day at Bottom Meadow but was it really necessary to, yet again, gift the oppo the opening goal? Fuck me, Vera tottering on high heels and I could have put up a better line of defence than our lot managed. Sandhurst returned the favour though, somehow contriving to allow Coops’ low free-kick from the edge of the box to escape them into the net. It should have been a pen anyway so justice was done. Passmore made it 2-1 just before half-time and, by some miracle, that’s how it stayed.

Daly picked up our obligatory red. No idea why though someone said 2 yellows. Quite possible, having then lost track of how many cards had been dished out. Yep, that means another shit ref and even wankier linos doing their best to further ruin a scrappy but far from dirty game. And to think that at the beginning of this campaign I thought you had to at least deck the ref and bottle the oppo striker before you got booked. Funny old game, as someone once said.

That’s enough footie, this is REPD’s site after all, so on to the really important stuff …..

Plus points: we won, those nice Sandhurst people, Wallies dropped 2 points, Franchise lost and Terry’s Tarts had a great time (hic)

Minus points: crappy sort of game, defence still going AWOL, hangover from hell and no voice on Sunday.

The referee’s a ….. : alright, not the worst I’ve seen but still a cretinous performance from yet another cunt with a Hitler complex.

Point to ponder: The pitch resembled a sandpit in places. It’s overused big-time so why don’t the samosa kings do the obvious thing and chuck the Franchise stiffs out? Oh, silly me, it’s the wonga thing, innit.

Quotes: so many to choose from. 1) “I’m a bit worried Boyley may be the best looking one in there” – a Wayward Womble who spends his Saturday nights riding trains. Received a kick up the arse, natch. 2) “Do you like it up against the wall?” – a certain unnamed Tart to Boyley. 3) I wanna shag Dave Boyle” – a knight of the realm, no less. 4) “Gavin, show us yer bum” – the Terry’s Tarts massive to Mr. Bolger, warming up in front of us. Well, he asked for it, OK? He didn’t though, the cowardly big girl’s blouse.

Truth is stranger than fiction: 1) Vera Duckworth lasted 3 hours staggering around in a pair of high heels, even ran up the steps of the main stand without going arse over tit. S/he’s obviously had some practice. 2) A prominent member of PISA (and AFC ST-holder) seen touting a ticket he’d just bought for the Boxing Day game, thinking it was at Vile’s ground. The truly shocking revelation is he was sober. 3) Sully’s a fucking sight heavier than he looks.

So, was it worth it? Whaddya think? The Tarts had a good day (and night) out, we got 3 points, course it was.

In a nutshell: Unless a few brown envelopes get bunged to Wallies and W2K, it’s another season in the CCL.

And finally: Normal service should be resumed with the webmeister’s return. Thank fucking Christ for that, I hear you all say.