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Well, that was a turnup for the books, eh boys and girls? Chips 2 Fish 3 was the stuff comebacks are made from. Despite looking dead and buried for much of it, it’s these sort of performances that really do make the difference between a team that is top and a team that is destined to plod along. Anyway, no point in asking me what actually happened because I couldn’t see a bloody thing – but what I do know is that both their goals were exact copies of each other. Our first goal – and come to think of it our second and third as well – were scrappy goals. Bit of the old fashioned variety to boot…

Anyway, none the more so for that…..

Plus points: We won. Away. After being 2-0 down. Good spritied fightback.

Minus points: See below

Defence Strategy: Let’s not beat about the bush – our defence is shite. Fucking shite. Both Chipstead’s goals were carbon copies of each other, namely the long ball over the defence, 1-on-1 with Shimmel and boom. A negative impact on our “goals against” column. Let’s face it, our defence has as much teeth as a UN weapons inspector in North Korea and it’s not just an isolated incident either. We seem to have constant problems here and really, TE needs to stop looking at reserve teams so much and look at a vital component of the first XI.

The referee’s a ……….. : OK I guess, though he did show a rather peculiar way of giving free kicks, ie often in the opposite direction.

AWOL: Mike Berry. Remember him? If you don’t, scroll down this page and read my somewhat passionate critique of his composure during our last game. Reportedly left the club, though he probably went into hiding today instead.

Chipstead: Quite a few of them about, gave it a bit after they went 2-0 up, went a bit quiet at 3-2. Can’t think why. I still reckon they look like Glasgow Celtic

Overheard: “Good crowd” by many in attendance. Was there really only 1700 odd there? Felt much more. We were in good voice in the stand behind the goal, bit like the old professional days minus the twattish stewards.

Point to ponder: Do you think the well-to-do in Whyteleafe actually know what some of the more fruity words are that came out today? I can imagine a conversation in one of their big detached houses tonight asking what a “cunt” is and being told it’s a new hand you get in Bridge.


Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Look to the picture above and I don’t think any more needs to be said on it. And you thought the Don’s Shop was bad. (2) Road sign telling me to watch out for crossing badgers. Hmm, this is non-league (3) The Franchise game at Gillingham got rained off, probably the only one in England that did today. Funny how a CCL game with two local teams playing each other managed to attract loads of people AND got the go ahead. Hmm. Still, at least it gave the travelling Franchise fan a chance to turn around and head for South Croydon. And speaking of which…

Franchise FC watch: Got rained off. Chortle.

Coincidentally, the Franchise EGM was yesterday. Yes, they had an EGM at SP yesterday believe it or not. From what I can gather, it seems like Franchise were trying to raise a share issue of £15m to pay off Roekke. Or something, ask somebody who went 🙂 Anyway, seems like they could be buggered as the EGM could be invalid (one reason being something to do with Uncle Reg) – by “buggered”, I mean that it appears that Roekke’s loan needs to be paid up by Wednesday and if it gets delayed then who knows what could happen? We shall wait and see, but it’s nice to know we’re still a thorn in the old side.

Anything else? Yeah, this game was potentially going to be played at – wait for it – Selhurst Park…….

So, was it worth it? It had excitement, certainly

In a nutshell: Who are we playing next?