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God almighty

Order Tramadol Overnight Cod Published by REPD on 18 January 2003


Tramadol Mastercard Overnight Well, rather amazingly, we managed to win a game without feeling the need to go 2-0 down before pulling back. This time, we decided to only go 1-0 down before finishing it Horses 2 Gee Gees 1. Our march towards second place continues, and in truth we could have won it by a couple more goals had our shooting not been as accurate as an Iraqi missle checklist. Our defence though still seems rather shaky. In fact, I lost the amount of times I panicked whenever we made a shite determined attempt to clear ranks. More work needed methinks. As for the game itself, it was OK in the first half – we did go 1-0 down after some sloppy play yet again, but Coops equalised about 5 minutes later. We mostly attacked until Coop’s stunning curler on the stroke of half time killed them off. Second half? Dunno, it was bloody cold again and it sort of petered out to a point of dullness. Still, at least one of their men got sent off for elbowing. Idiot.

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Order Cheap Tramadol Online As for the rest of it… Plus points: We won. After going 1-0 down. Polished finishes from Cooper. Solid debuts from the new boys Lawson and Frankum (doesn’t that sound like a music hall act?). Minus points: Shooting practice next time? Oh and stop giving me heart problems when defending.

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Buy Cheapest Tramadol The referee’s a……. : That kid who took the Withdean game. Widely considered as the best ref going in the CCL, he’s destined for great things providing he forgoes all notions of common sense and accepts bribes from opposition managers. Totally fucked up a penalty for us though when he gave a free kick in the box.

Them: Quite a few turned up, though rather strangely they were alll dressed in suits – go figure. Must be some non-league thing I suppose. See, professionally Stone Island and Polo are preferred clobber, in this league you’re nobody if you don’t wear Moss Bros. Injured in the tackle: G&G had a female physio. Insert (fnar) jokes about stiffened groins here. Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Was it midget football day today? The G&G keeper looked 4 foot 11, Frankum looked like a Lilliput refugee and one of the linesman was shorter than the corner flag. Even your humble and esteemed editor would have been more like Kevin Francis out there today. (2) Cold. Granted, not as cold as the Southall acts of GBH but still enough to make polar bears think again before setting out. (3) When was the last time a debuting player was made captain? (4) TE drinking a pint of bitter before kick-off. Hardly Gatorade…. Franchise watch: Does anyone really care about them any more? Apart from Koppout’s constant fuck-ups? They drew 1-1 up Wolves today, no idea who Uncle Reg was supporting. No idea how many of them went up there, but it is probably less than the amount of clients on the Matthew Kelly Babysitting service.

Order Tramadol Overnight Uk Anything else? Not really, pretty dull on the football pitch. Oh, and G&G are a form team, which makes the win better. In a nutshell: Still keeping in there. afc_gg2 As it goes, I think a good reason for the somewhat mutedness today was down to the long anticipated Open Meeting, which to be fair could have been quite nasty but instead ended with applause. Obviously, the ground stuff has been the top subject, and I still stand by everything I have said/wrote on the subject. I am sure somebody will publish full details somewhere about this, I wasn’t making notes as I was too busy trying to get fresh air (seriously). Perhaps the most important thing is that things are still up in the air – trying to get the right planning permissions for T&M could take a while, if it ever does happen, and AFCW need to move quickly to sort something out (though we have dispensation to have an option of two grounds if one falls through). No funds will be put into T&M without DT approval. You can read the rest elsewhere (suffice to say, merchandise sales are excellent and a hawk could be bought in to sort the pigeons out), and I wouldn’t form your own opinons on it all from reading this site 🙂 Overall, the mood was very positive, though apart from AFCW needing to get the audio in the other bar sorted, I still have some sort of uneasyness about the whole T&M thing. Just a hunch, just a hunch…