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Barking mad


Jesuz Christ. Suicide 0 Barkingside 3. Just what the fuck has happened to our form? Have we hit a slump at just the wrong time? Something has happened and I don’t know what it is. Those who stayed at home today in the warm watching the Bill can relive that lovely moment again. For those who decided that watching an instantly forgettable first half and a wish it was forgettable second half will not only be angry at the way we meekly surrendered but where the general performance has gone. Some are blaming Nicky English as new assistant (including, apparently, the players) but I honestly think that things were looking shaky even before then. Hopefully, this is a blip and a temporary one at that. Vile is vital.

Before I continue, and being in that kinda mood anyway, am I the only one glad (in an extremely perverse way) that we’re out of the LSC now? The “Unbeaten since 1975” mantra was starting to play on my tits, and it was always bound to rebound horribly on us. Do we ever learn? Obviously not. We ballsed up for AFC Wallingford, certainly, and bigging up playing against Ford in the next round before even winning tonight only encourages the other team. Here’s my straightforward advice to all at AFCW who think that this sort of approach is a good idea : try doing it when we’ve actually DONE something first.


Plus points: We did actually have two shots which their goalie saved well

Minus points: Worst performance in our history? Lowest satisfaction rating amongst the fans. No obvious spirit or likelyhood of getting anywhere.

The referee’s a ……….. : Hmm. Average.

Weather with you: Arctic. Even the polar bears had second thoughts tonight and watched Liverpool vs Arsenil instead. I seriously hope the predicted snow due postpones Saturday’s game.

Them: Bought three coaches down, no idea why. Weren’t THAT many of them, but one lone Barkingsider did cheer me up slightly with a “We can see you sneaking out” to us.

Fight fight fight: Good one on the pitch after their second goal, which basically involved 20 out of the 22 players and one of the Barkingside players being kicked into a hoarding. Amazingly nobody was maimed or sent off….

Truth is stranger than fiction: How depressing was this game? Seriously, it almost got onto a pre-MK Franchise game at times. Has brutal, horrible reality set in?

Anything else? Nothing I haven’t mentioned already. Our defence is still a pile of goat semen.

So, was it worth it? Is the Pope protestant?

In a nutshell: Let’s face it, Vile are going to stuff us and whip our arses. And we’ll be lucky to finish 10th in the CCL, the slump is going to continue for a long time yet 🙁