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Right hook


Another Saturday, another win. This time, Chessington World Of Adventures 0 Thorpe Park 3 was the order of the day in one of the coldest days seen this side of Siberia. The game itself was more or less one-sided, we could (and should) have easily won 8-0, except that our shooting is as effective as the UK’s argument over UN Resolution 1441. I think we had either our first or second hat-trick hero today, step forward Mr Cooper. One was a penalty which he had saved, but the goalie moved a bit too much for the ref’s liking. Either that or the ref had a bet with Ladbrokes on Cooper getting three today. Typically, I missed the first goal through getting a cup of tea, and any passing 6 footer please tell me the second one…

Inwards and upwards..

Plus points: We won. Away. Without conceding a goal. Coop’s hat trick. General all-round play. Getting in on goal a lot. Matt Everard (he with the permanent stiffy) played fine.

Minus points: SHOOTTT!!!!!

The referee’s a …….. : I have to be honest, I didn’t notice him. Is that a good sign or not?

March madness: Everyone else is going to mention it, so I suppose I ought to as well. A contingent of 25 AFCW fans decided to go up to Central London today, possibly to get their protesting exploits out of their system 🙂 Many of them did return back, couple stayed up there. Took 3 hours to get from Embankment to Piccadilly Circus, reportedly. As for the ins and outs of it all? Well, it’s too complex a matter to give an answer without qualifying it. Only thing anyone seems to agree on is that killing innocents, be they Iraqis, Westerners, Marsh Arabs, Kurds etc etc is pretty shitty. Most countries in war tend to act upon fear as much as anything else, and as we all know from fighting Koppout, when you’re in major panic over your own security you tend to act irrationally. So much shit is likely to go down in that part of the world without Western intervention that some kind of dustup is inevitable. Of course, if Messrs Blair, Bush and Hussain were required to literally lead the front line in any future conflict, like they did in the olden days, watch all diplomatic efforts get exhausted and re-exhausted….

Them: They were friendly enough, laying on beer tents etc, but really, was that a country fair or farmers market today or what? I fully expected heffers to be sold by the portaloos. Whilst most other grounds had claims to be football stadia, this one was without doubt the most swamp-like arena going. The mud on the pitch was unreal. Shame the tea was liberally flavoured with Domestos…

Point to ponder: As mentioned by the Florida Axe Murderer today : are these sort of occasions for these teams like hosting a European cup final? Makes you realise on statements like these just how big we have become.

Did you know? The game nearly didn’t go ahead. Overhearing (badly) the C&H groundsman before the game, it appears that even as late as 1am Thursday the ground was pretty frozen. Looking at the mudbath today, it’s obvious that we hit lucky.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The weather. Lethal. (2) Didn’t C&H have nice shirts? OK, so they looked like they aquired them from the nearest Barclays Bank Sunday league side but still…. (3) Still on shirts, the new white shirts looked OK. Still not inclined to buy one though, why we really do need a third kit apart from commercial reasons is open to debate. Coincidentally, they are see-through in the wet, which is an interesting design. No idea why some female Wombles were hoping for rain though.

Anything else? Yeah, their goalie couldn’t catch a cold even if he was injected with half a dozen flu germs.

So, was it worth it? Why yes…

In a nutshell: Next week is Withdean and their poxy 2000.