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World of adventure

Well, at least we get back on track with Chess 1 Backgammon 3 and I suppose another comprehensive defeat of a team who we really should be, er, comprehensively beating. Suffice to say, we did most of the running, passing shooting and scoring. 2-0 up by half time, including a good strike by Bolger. In the second half, to nobody’s surprise whatsoever, we went 3-0 up. More surprisingly, Joe Sheerin (fast becoming the scapegoat amongst some) netted. Also unsurprisingly was the way we took our feet off the pedal, and in a move as embarrasing as a Government parliamentary revolt on Iraq, we let them in. 3-1. No, don’t ask me what their goal was like. We all missed it : hey, you mean I watch football?

And so, we must move on….

Plus points: We won. Comprehensive performance all round. Everhard and his permanent stiffy performed stoutly. Good passing.

Minus points: Conceding a goal.

The referee’s a …….: Well blow me, did he book anyone?

Them: I suppose when you’re borrowing somebody else’s ground it’s hard to figure out how happy they are at you. Guess they must be OK with us. They looked like Celtic.

Point to ponder: Can we ever win a game like 8-0? Please? Oh go on, just this once….

And you thought Saddam Hussain was brutal: Withdean are playing Southall on Saturday. I understand that this game is going to be filmed and put on release. You will however have to search for it a bit, but it is likely to be next to the videos of cock-fighting , bare knuckle boxing contest, “101 Goriest Motorway Fatalities” and uncut footage of the Chechnya war.

We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town, beep beep: So, any reason why we needed about 10 coppers there? Hell, they only needed three just to clear the traffic

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Your humble and esteemed editor inbetween two arch nemises (ie stewards) and getting away with it. Occasional punch notwithstanding. (2) How cold did it get? (3) Chessington had a player called Dave Beasant playing. Serious. (4) Very late kickoff.

Hello mum: Fun and games tonight. Like interesting acts being performed at half time in the bar, and why one steward’s main insult was “tart” to everyone.

Anything else? Yeah, Joe Sheerin scored (worth mentioning again) and I’ve forgotten how tiring late nite match reports can be 🙂

So, was it worth it? Guess so.

In a nutshell: Keep winning