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The big news obviously about Ks is examined (hur hur) in more depth in Articles, click above after you’ve finished reading about Planes 1 Trains and Automobiles 2. Don’t worry, this report won’t take long to read 🙂 To be honest, there wasn’t a lot to write about really. It was described thus by a passing Womble at the end of the game : “It was about 30 seconds of football” and that’s more or less how it stayed. We took the lead, they equalised (I’ve no idea how, I was getting grub) and in the second half we went up a landing gear. No real surprise we’d won. Rather disappointing 600 there though, but then I think going to Feltham scared a lot of people off. Shame…


Plus points: We won.

Minus points: JS injured

The referee’s a ……. : Lost it a little bit, though not on the same scale as G&G this year. Saw an inability to do the goalkeeper for punching our man outside the box Them: Their fans are a bit annoying, stood near some of them and sounded a bit Spurz-like for my liking. Hey, we’re keeping your club going you ungrateful tossers. Christ. Reportedly, two young AFCW spat at a couple of their fans, totally out of order but then I suppose if you get those sort of comments how can you be surprised? No class. Their ground’s quite tidy though.

Where To Get Tramadol Online And of course, the main topic of conversation being… : The planes. Lots of them. Big fuckers they are and all. Noisy too. Had Al-Qaeda aimed for Heathrow last night and got one of Boeing’s creations, there could have been trouble….

Tramadol Online Florida Delivery Truth is stranger than fiction: Your humble and esteemed editor got a bit hungry, so decided to down 3 bacon rolls and 2 cheeseburgers, courtesy Bedfont. To my absolute amazement, I still haven’t had a heart attack Franchise FC watch: They beat Palace and are now looking quite good. Then again, should you really be surprised? Their team should have been playoffs anyway. Reportedly about 300 gimps turned up, which I think suggests that everyone who does go to SP home games turned up for their last SP derby game. Can’t have all come down from MK….. Anything else? Um, not really. Three points is three points So, was it worth it? Guess so

In a nutshell: We have take-off….