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Month: March 2003

Half Merst

I now owe the KM buyout fund one of your English pounds. Why? Well, I wasn’t going to touch any alcohol and made this abundantly … Read more


Tudor Jennings on why there’s nothing so wrong with buying out Kingsmeadow You own a club, now own a stadium. Okay I share some but … Read more

KM, not MK

Well, for better or worse, we’ve now committed ourselves to buying Kingsmeadow for £3m by 31/12/02. As you probably should all know, this was decided … Read more

Plane sailing

The big news obviously about Ks is examined (hur hur) in more depth in Articles, click above after you’ve finished reading about Planes 1 Trains … Read more

Funny Farn

Christ O’Reilly, do I really have to make any sort of humourous, thought provoking, full depth analysis of the pile of turgid dross that laughably … Read more


So once again, it looks like we’ve been rebuffed in returning to Merton. Last night at Crown House, the planning application which would allow AFCW … Read more