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Raping and pillaging afcw_viking Holy share issues, was Tramadol Online Overnight Uk Normans 5 Vikings 0 bloody freezing or what? Jesus christ, from temperatures higher than Cairo to a wind chill that wouldn’t have looked out of place in various parts of Canada. Just what is up with the weather these days? I blame Koppel. As for the game, probably predictable I suppose, Viking really are shit. We had zillions of corners, with Everard rising up tantilisingly twice in one session to give us a major spurt in the scoring stakes. Ahem.

Sidwell did it again on 46 minutes, namely coming out and scoring. What does TE put in his tea? More to the point, is it legal? Fourth goal, OK, I missed it, but then so did their keeper. Had a mix of Noel Blake and Lurch at Mansfield 88 about it. No doubt the end-of-season video will have a permanent replay feature on that one incident alone, I don’t think I have ever heard a goal greeted with so much laughter. Oh, and the fifth goal came from another corner. Good header as well. 3 more points and our march towards third second shows no sign of slowing down. Hopefully. Anyway, enough of that boring shite, here’s the important stuff:

Plus points: Scoring 5. Conceding none. All round good play. Potential banana skin overcome without slipping. Minus points: Too much bloody poncing about at times The referee’s a……… : Oh dear. Seemed to have only just picked up a refereeing manual that he got for his birthday. Proceded to move the ball some ten yards back from original offence committed, and not on just one occasion either. Would say that the referee had as much positional sense as a blind basset hound but that would be unfair on the sight-challenged long-eared canine. Oh, and the linesman looked about 115 years old. Ran like someone that age as well

Them: Very accomodating, bent over obediently for us and enjoyed the experience to boot. Goalie actually had a good game for them, minus the somewhat suspect handling for the fourth goal (haha) and his kicking was pretty wank. Their #16 was a big fucker though. Seriously, he looked massive, and I was seriously hoping that there were no potholes caused by WW2 bombs on the Ks surface. There could have been one hell of a nasty incident. And I’m sure the last time I saw somebody like him, he was trying to throw me out of a nightclub. Woking watch: Update on last week of our non-vodka drinking legend. He ended up after the Westfield game in, er, Wimbledon. Proceded to have an argument with two Celsi fans to boot. Oh, and nice trainers.

Tramadol Online Next Day Delivery Song sung blue: Bit quiet today, though I was up the hardcore Athletics End as usual, no West Bank bollocks here. Usual anti-Celsi/Palace/MK stuff, naturelment, though no obvious CS being sung. Shame. Some good uns though beforehand, a rendition of “We’re gonna score in a minute” was reproduced. Nothing so unusual in that expect that it was 10 seconds before the game started. Also, singing “We want 10” after scoring our first goal was pushing it a bit. Will 5 do you? Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Was that the sound of the Main Stand doing some vocalising today? (2) Bassey going off injured and the Viking player responsible still walking as of 4.45pm. No further updates available. (3) Was that the Grolsch stand making a noise for the first time since time began? Or did somebody accidentally spill some Ovaltine on their nice new Farahs? (4) That cold wind. Sorry, just needed to be said. (5) The unusual sight of Dr Lee Willett standing in front of the Main Stand and NOT being eyed up by nice Mr Policeman.

Franchise FC watch: For the dwindling amount of people who care what they do (which is still sizeably more than those who still go there), they lost 2-1 at Stoke. Now Palace are above them, you know, managerless Palace. No idea how many gimps went up there, but Murdick was complaining that Stoke had loads of fans and Franchise had none. See, even those who go are now being ignored. Time to see the light, fellas, and join the AFCW Goodtime Locomotive of Love. Or shoot yourself.

Anything else? Yeah, why is Matt Everard’s music whenever he scores so utterly, utterly, rancid? It makes the Birdie Song sound like Mozart. Honestly, it’s so bad even Kiss FM wouldn’t play it.

So, was it worth it? Suppose so

In a nutshell: Keep on plundering….

Oh, and there was a meeting today. I didn’t go to it, but it appears that we’ll be playing Watford at Ks in a pre-season friendly. Something about share issues as well, but if you want accurate information about the club, go to the OS 🙂