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Moving forward to Milton Keynes Published by REPD on 11 September 2003 Now, you may be thinking “what the fuck?” over this. Has the pressures of AFCW life finally made me flip out? Did going to that Franchise game really have an effect on me that I shouldn’t have had? Actually, no. Being the sort of undercover digger that I am, I was recently handed through a trusted source the dry run copy of a load of propaganda that certain people up in MK are dishing out so that people can figure out what all the fuss is about.

I left it sitting on my desk here at SW19 Towers until I found out that finally – subject to that old chestnut, namely “safety certificate” – they are moving up there in front of their throngs of loyal supporters. So I felt the need to scan in and publish just what the minds of the local bhurgers up in MK are about to be corrupted with I was shocked when I read this, and I don’t mean the occasional problems in the quality of print/scanning either. Then again, it was done a bit on the cheap.

Ordering Ambien I’ll let you read on, meanwhile I need to dispose of all this. It’s got some traces of cocaine…

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