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Far, far away Right, before I begin : it is quite possible that by Monday SW19 could go bellyup again. Basically speaking, I’m very close to getting my account suspended because too many people are reading the site. I’m likely to have to do an upgrade again (at yet more bloody cost) because of something like bandwidth at 87% of usage for September and only 2 days left before it falls over. With luck I can avoid any downtime, though typically with technology you can never tell. Remember the good old days under Gash.Net?

afcw_farn Speaking of going belly-up, watching Champions At Christmas 4 Crisis At Christmas 1 had a rather un-settling edge to it. Attack wise, we get in there as usual, generally look sharp (despite a rather strange penchant for shooting at an acute angle), but defence wise, considering that Farnham aren’t one of the challengers, they didn’t half get in on occasions. Well, they scored, certainly. Is complacency threatening to set in? I really hate to say it, but I think a loss (and a heavy one at that) might be a welcoming crash to earth. The signs were showing a little bit, namely how we let them come back into it almost effortlessly, before going into second gear and netting again and again

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Tramadol Overnight Delivery Mastercard Description of the goals? Go to Stickra’s site when he does the animations, though the goals themselves were well taken. And did KC really score that hat-trick?


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Tramadol Paypal Plus points: Yet another win. Yet another win at home. Yet another four goals. Yet another couple for KC. Yet another good showing by our forward line. Yet another good game for Dobbo. Yet another decent display on the wings. Yet another ability to move up a gear when necessary. Minus points: Yet another inability to keep a clean sheet. Yet another trouser-soiling defensive performance

The referee’s a …….. : And lo and behold, he was actually quite good. In fact, I didn’t know he was on the pitch in the first half. Second half was only noticable for a couple of things that weren’t anything to do with him. In fact, the only real soil on his copybook was not telling Farnham to move back 10 yards in the 90th minute. Linesman wasn’t quite so hot, but then he did look about 60

Mastercard Tramadol Them: Fortunately for them this time, they didn’t have about 30 Millwall Bushwackers calling them “bastards”. Not the worst side to play at der Volkstadion this season, their goal was quite good. Their kit did look like Palace’s after it went through the wash a couple of times too many. Reportedly about 20 of their fans there.

Can You Order Tramadol Online Saturday Fight Night: A pulsating pugalistic contest was witnessed this afternoon, between the Farnham #2 and one of the AFCW players. The contest started in earnest when a challenge for a ball resulted in a messy tangling of the legs of both players. In Ultimate Fighting style, the Farnham contestant used his legs to full effect on the AFCW players ankles. Changing fighting style to a more street-brawl and robust manner, the two contestants squared up, with the Farnham player swinging what appeared to be a Southpaw connection, though the boxing judges present (one from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, one from Mexico and one from New Jersey) would have failed to award points due to the non-connection of said punch. The street brawl style continued when the rest of the contestants decided to have their bouts all at the same time. As a result, the Farnham #2 was given his marching orders due to poor judgement and eye control. Spotted: (1) Ex-WFC director Peter Miller. How come he’s always spotted whenever there is an open meeting beforehand? (2) Three or so Chelski shirts, amazingly all of them were sufficiently advanced enough to walk semi-upright. Song sung blue: So, which of you naughty boys have been calling the goalie a poofter? Oh, none of you. After the hoo-har of Tuesday, bit mundane. Coincidentally, and I wasn’t there, if there are people who are self-righteous enough to want stuff like the CS elbowed, please desist now. This is a football match, not the Womens fucking Institute.

Hang the DJ: I am sure that Chris “Phillo” Phillips is losing it. Yes, he did very well with the “no homophobic or racist chanting” thing, but then things went awry. Firstly, he totally forgot his previous policy of playing hip-hop with some (gasp) metal, firstly by A then by AC-DC. He followed up with the late Johnny Cash. Perhaps worst of all, he announced that he didn’t know who the scorer of the third goal was, so played “Oops Upside Your Head” whilst all the players ran over to Danny O. Losing it totally, he announced that KC was the scorer, leaving the hardcore Athletics End to sing “You don’t know what you’re doing”. I sincerely hope that Mark and Lard or Tony Blackburn weren’t listening, he could be drummed out of the DJ’s union before long….

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Tramadol Online Point to ponder: Why was the Farnham goalie wearing tights?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The celebrations of that kid who did the HT penalty shootout. He’ll go far. (2) Did I see ballboys dotted about the place today? (3) Wigan getting a nice cheer when it was announced that some of them were in the crowd. Pretty nice cheer when it was found out they were stuffing Franchise. Speaking of which…..

Franchise FC watch: Their supposed last ever SP game. Maybe. Anyway, they lost 4-2 to Wigan, are now something like second from bottom, had 1045 or so there (half from Wigan, naturally). Interesting theory : they’re planning on making Burnley the first game up there as they’re worried that Burnley will be their lowest ever, so by making it first MK game it’ll boost the crowd up. Yup…. Anything else? Yeah. Noticed that Farnham were sponsored by a golf shop? Only in non-league…. So, was it worth it? What? Another win? Nah…

In a nutshell: Still top.