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Another wet and windy day, another less-than-wet-and-windy performance. And this time, G&T 4 G&G 0 proved that despite not getting out of third gear all night we still looked the side most likely to win. OK, so it might have been a little bit flattering (we were only 2-0 up with not too long to go), but still.

Goals? OK, first goal was probably one of the most acutest angles I have ever seen, and typically KC netted it. Amazingly, it was with his foot. Second, twas a nice finish by Sidwell. Third, good header by Sully after a sublime cross by either Bolger or MC Harvey (this is starting to sound like a Billy The Fish cartoon). Fourth goal? Missed it, it was quickly taken

Bored? Good, so am I writing that boring on-pitch stuff. So…

Plus points: We won. Yet again. Clean sheet. Could have gone up some more gears if needed. MC Harvey showed why he should give up the music career.

Minus points: Fucking hell, it was cold.

The referee’s a ……. : Now, I wouldn’t say he was a bit apprehensive about letting the game flow, but when he left KM last night he blew his whistle at somebody down the street for not looking before crossing the road. Missed a couple of penalties, his guide dog clearly hiding from the fireworks. Thankfully, it wasn’t Mr Fish.

Them: Usual cannon-fodder who should be grateful that they’re on the same pitch as us. OK, that does make me sound like a Man U fan, but there is an element of truth to it. They did have a couple of corners though, though we were spared a resultant lap of honour.

Request time: OK, I really don’t normally do this, but if anyone wants to go to that Dog Night, please contact whoever it is you contact. Having a certain female organiser begging you and using every bit of subtlety to get me to go along ended up making me spill my pint of Guinness.

PAye: (1) That version of the current #1 song for AFC Wimbledon. Played three times and led at least one person to say “did he just mention AFC Wimbledon?”. Expect the song to be bootlegged all across the Womble nation. (2) I am now apparently 400 years old.

Point to ponder: Was there really 2700 there last night? Certainly 10 minutes before kickoff it felt dead empty. If it is true, then consider the crappiness of the weather, that is pretty good. Success breeds success.

Truth is stranger than fiction: The constant plugging of Radio Jackie. Now, I remember RJ when it was pirate radio coming out of a shop unit in downtown Morden (shop now a bakers or something), and you know what? Their playlist is still the same as it was 18 years ago. Still, nice of them to give away zillions of car stickers, however putting them out on cars in the rain was not the most logical marketing opportunity….

Anything else? Yeah – where the fuck was the hardcore Athletics End tea bar? Disgraceful, all concerned should be sacked etc etc.

So, was it worth it? Guess so

In a nutshell: Keep on keeping on

Oh, and while I’m here, the Dons Trust election candidates were up yesterday. I will be writing quite a few column inches on this in the not-too-distant future…..