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Month: October 2003


Another wet and windy day, another less-than-wet-and-windy performance. And this time, G&T 4 G&G 0 proved that despite not getting out of third gear all … Read more


Blimey, talk about going back in time or what? Bay Area 2 South Central 3 had the old mid 80s feel about it (in more … Read more


Right, before I give Navy 4 Army 1 a rubdown, a couple of things. Firstly, the Swiss should be kicked out of international football as … Read more

Large chess

Firstly, let’s get some things out of my system. Fuck. Wank. Bollocks. Cunt. Shit. Wanker. Cock. Dick. Cunt again. Fuck again. Koppel, Koppel and another … Read more