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Fried potatoes


I wonder how many Wombles committed suicide after Waffles 0 Chips 0? Hopefully not too many, but last night had a deffo feel of some games last season. Basically, we had a lot of possession, but there was clearly a bet on to see how many times we couldn’t hit the target. Every shot, bar the one off the post, was so wide of the mark it would form the basis for a government report. And to cap it all off, Chipstead looked like they could have breached our defence a couple of times. I can’t help thinking that the metaphoric sticky patch as mentioned last report is about to hit us, if it hasn’t already. Whether it’s just the way football goes, or reality hitting us, or even if the players are STILL POed about TE going I don’t know.

But now is when our mettle will be tested, and while we’re deffo good enough, this could be a trying few games for us. And we have the Yokels down next Weds. Urk.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to write anything on the game, so….

Plus points: Well, we didn’t lose.

Minus points: Shit shooting, usual crap defending

The referee’s a…… : OK then everyone, you know what to do. Harrass his wife. Find out where his kids go to school, then set the local bullies on them. Spread rumours about his mother and Stan Collymore. Find out if he has a dog. If he hasn’t, buy him one. Let the family take it to their hearts, cuddle and carress it until it becomes part of the family. Then kidnap it. Hold it to ransom, like Saddam Hussain used to do until he went hiding in bunkers. Get the mutt to bark its approval at the way you’re treating it until that ref apologises for the worst performance I have seen from a ref since the notorious Mr Fish.

Them: I say it every time we play Chipstead, but as we may never play them again, I’ll allow myself one last go. Don’t Chipstead look like Glasgow Celtic? Unlike the Parkhead deities, they didn’t lose last night and could have nabbed a couple themselves as our dormant defence was, well, dormant. Reportedly, one of their players gave an obscene gesture, which needless to say is not going to win friends. Also, anyone see their player totally fucking up a shot and acting like he’d been poleaxed afterwards? The Oscars were last weekend, pally….

Point to ponder: Will Joe Sheerin ever play a full 90 minutes again? This time, he went off because he got kicked, causing a new injury. If Ginge is our modern day Gareth Ainsworth, then JS is fast becoming the John Hartson of AFCW.

Truth is stranger than fiction: The match sponsors were the Wombelles, formerly known as Terry’s Tarts. Obviously Femidoms didn’t get past the AFCW PC Radar. I’m sure they had a good time, though one wonders if their selection of Seb as MOM was premeditated. It would be hazardous to my health to even remotely suggest there was more testosterone in the Sponsors Lounge than on the playing surface

Franchise watch: Oh, I need a good gloat. Nah, can’t be arsed. At least Murdick has now twigged they’re going down. Shame it was 6 months too late

Anything else? Yeah, am I the only one not too sure about our new goalie? Especially on the floor? Seems a bit on the slow side to me. Coincidentally, he was reportedly extremely embarrassed at all the people shaking his hand and wishing him well at HW last Saturday.

So, was it worth it? Urm, I like nostalgia trips so I suppose it was. I think.

In a nutshell: Some WD40 needed, perhaps…..