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Yes, I know that it’s late, and in keeping with most games now, I don’t think Refried Beans 5 Corn on Cob 1 is really going to excite many people soon. It all started off as per usual, 1-0 thanks to Ryan Gray. And then, a shock – in the second half, Cobham equalised. The birds fell silent. Grown adults stood in shock. Kids started sniffling. The government considered a national emergency before KC restored our advantage. All was well with the world. Normal service resumed with it being 3-1 thanks to KC again turning and shooting. A fourth was added thanks to a rather kewl player called Jones Banfo. Crazy name, crazy guy. He crossed it, Sidwell nailed it. The rout was complete when yet another cross found the resurgent Paul Scott. Who needs JS?

Got that? Good, here’s…..

Plus points: Will five goals do you? Plus that Jones Banfo fellow. Superb crossing.

Minus points: Even now I can’t help thinking that our defence/goalie is about as iffy as Martha Stewart in a room with some Leicester City players.

The referee’s a…… : Can’t remember if he did anything untowards. Oh well. Think he missed a lino flag. Is it true that the fourth official’s name was Ian Dury?

Them: Looked like AFC Wallingford. Seriously. Didn’t look that bad, and probably deserved their goal. Like all other teams though, they really did look finished after we went 3-1 ahead.

Womble Aggro: (1) Seriously weird row between two Wombles down the hAE ten minutes before kickoff. Basically, I have never seen one guy so upset about failing to meet up with anyone before. Except for Koppout when he misses his giro cheques. (2) Even more weird “discussion” between chief steward and football playing kid. Plenty of “do you know who I am?” going about. Chief steward put it about a bit as well.

Point to ponder: Am I the only one having a nice nostalgic flashback to us having a good old tedious offside trap?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) There was a TV camera crew there. No, they weren’t on behalf of BBC, or ITV or even C4 (and check out your humble/esteemed editor on some C4 documentary about killing people on Monday), and they weren’t from Norwegian telly. No, they were in fact a bunch of students from Bournemouth University, on a filmaking course doing their final project. Basically, the brains behind this idea is a football fan who supports Charlton and thought it was a good idea to film us. Nice to see AFCW helping out a load of whinging pot smoking trendy arseholes poor impoverished students. Either that or it’s a cheap way of filming for the end of season video. (2) Plenty of handouts for Brighton’s plight. Somehow, given that Prescott is going to be deciding on Falmer, I’m just not convinced anything short of renaming themselves Milton Keynes is going to do anything. (3) That bloody hailstorm.

Franchise watch: I think we should congratulate them, as for once they managed to get through a Saturday without losing or humiliating themselves. OK, so they didn’t play….

Anything else? Urm, not really. When do we get promoted?

So, was it worth it? Guess so.

In a nutshell: Watch out on Wednesday….