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Korma police


So, looks like a potential banana skin was not only avoided, but picked up off the street and neatly disposed of in the nearest waste paper basket. As Curry 0 Chinese 4 suggests, things have really gotten a bit too easy : yet again, we weren’t totally in top gear but given that that the opposition hardly had anything to offer us it was one of the better performances of recent times. It’s as though we collectively know that we could slip up, and no matter how good we are, a losing run at this stage of the season could be disasterous. So, the goals : first goal by KC, buggering up my Golden Coops ticket (44 mins, it’s a swindle..). Second goal by Bolger after nice work again by KC.

Rumours of KC’s demise under NE appear to be greately exaggerated. 3-0 through Jamie Taylor, described as “Maradona-esque” – presumably it was done using a handball and high on coke. And I missed the fourth goal, so don’t ask who scored it

As for the rest of it…

Plus points: Clean sheet. Scoring good goals. Jones Banfo (or is it Bamfo?) coming on, and acting like a rampant jack russell terrier. Kept going even when 3-0 up. Looking much more on-form again.

Minus points: Shit journey. And that was by car.

The referee’s a……: Oh boy, seemed a little bit intimidated when Southall started to act like, well, Southall….

Them: Looked like the Sunderland team in the 1970s, started to act like the Sunderland fans in the 70s when the game was lost. OK, they weren’t nearly like the team most likely to injure the entire CCL staff like they were last season but they still showed occasional glimpses. Saw a Southall St Georges Cross flag, and apparently they had a coachload turn up from their home town. Of course, nobody cared about any of that, because……..


Currying favour: Back by popular demand, the finest Indian food this side of, er, Southall. £5 for extremely edible chicken curry, pilau rice and a veg samosa was most pleasant, and it was so popular that by about half time they were down to the vegetarian curry. Did a nice cup of tea as well. In case you ever want something similar at KM, the reason it’s not happening at the moment is down to a current lack of back bar space, which should be sorted when they find a proper merchandise place. Or so our Commercial Director says anyway…

Point to ponder: Wasn’t the fact that Chesham’s ground was quite decent more condusive to a better atmosphere? Forget the relatively poor attendance (public transport fucked), it just felt better being somewhere that gave the impression it had been designed for more than 10 people.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The sight of a steward chucking out something in an Asda bag. I offer no comment as to what was more offensive. (2) The Southall goalie wore tracksuit bottoms which made him look like Jones B’s anorexic brother. (3) Wasn’t the view of the Chilterns behind the goal majestic?

Franchise watch: Lost 2-1 to Ipshit Down. It appears that they could even be one or two games away from the second division next season. It’s a shame that our games are likely to clash with this hilarious sad event, would have been worth a day out to do a bit of non-vindictive grave dancing.

Anything else? Yeah, just a little comment from me. For those who think I’m being too negative as of late, hope you read this report properly this time……

So, was it worth it? Yup. Best performance for a while, and it really is in our hands now. Even the FA couldn’t find something to fuck us over yet again. Surely? Surely?

In a nutshell: As a buddist would say, it’s good Korma.