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I’ve come to the conclusion that reporting on games at the moment seems futile, as they all seem to be as predictable as an ITV sitcom. For every Southall, you get half-a-dozen Buy 100Mg Tramadol Online Helipad 2 Airport 0 type games : we win, win comfortably and that really was that. In fact, somebody I know came up to me afterwards and said that it was “the worst game of the season”. I dunno, I think it’s more a typical AFCW 2003/4 type performance, not brilliant by our standards but still whipping the rectal area of everyone else. Anyway, enough of that hand-wringing. We went 1-0 thanks to one of NE’s new intake, one Shane Small-King crossing for another newbie, George Snee, to slot in. Seemed to go in slow motion. Second goal, and indicative of the 5 minute spell we really put the screw on, again SSK was responsible, and a good run/shot by Bolger put it beyond doubt

Order Tramadol Online India After that, I went to the bar, and probably should have stayed there.

Tramadol Mastercard Overnight Oh well…. Plus points: Win. New players looking good. SSK getting nice applause when he went off, he’ll do well.

Minus points: Should’ve scored more The referee’s a…… : Hmm, if I may use another quote, “Good, bad and indifferent”. Missed a couple of penalties for us. Arsehole.

Them: They looked like Villa from the 1970s. Played like they were in a bit of a timewarp as well, actually passing the ball instead of just trying to kick us. Also saw two of their top brass up the hAE trying to get the stewards to get them into the Presidents Lounge…..

Song sung blue: Gasp. Shock. Horror. A bit of noise from the West Bank. Some NE chants, and it only took 15 minutes for the anti-CK/MK stuff to start off again. No CS though.

Clubbing together: I’m occasionally (oh, all right – usually) accused of being too negative towards AFCW, so here’s a couple of positives from the club last night. Firstly, it’s nice that AFCW aren’t arsey about people who have lost their season ticket, seemingly for good (like, er, me). Complimentary ticket thrust in hand, zero problem. Also, our catering is getting better, though the chips left me with as much grease on my fingers as a Milton Keynes councillor dealing with an Asda application.

Point to ponder: As pointed out to me in a “oh yeah, never thought of that” type style. Have you noticed how quiet things have gone over the Colne punch-up since a couple of people decided to try their luck elsewhere?

Tramadol Online Florida Delivery Truth is stranger than fiction: So, what WERE Sky Sports doing there last night? Wallingford watch: I went to watch them at Grand Dive on Tuesday, and have to say that I was a bit unimpressed by them. It was more of a typical CCL game, which basicially meant that they weren’t going at 150% above their normal level. Anyone would think we’re a big club or something. We should beat them on the last game of the season, which coincidentally has just been moved to Kingsmeadow. So at least we won’t need to go through poxy Oxfordshire with its agricultural niffs and quaint little villages where they all practice incest. Probably. Anything else? Yeah, I suppose it wasn’t a bad crowd last night. Considering the internationals were on, the games are getting a bit predictable and we haven’t won the CCL yet So, was it worth it? Yes, but then only because we won. In a nutshell: I really, really, really cannot wait for next season. Sorry, CCL….