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Y2K bug afc_w2k_1 Assuming all goes well, if Wallingford don’t win at Reading Town and we beat Walton Casuals on Monday, we will be champions. I don’t expect the Wallies to lose though so don’t get your hopes up too high. In the meantime, Discount Tramadol Online Y2K 6 W2K 0 was another “here we go again” type game. Bit shit in the beginning, then up popped Matt E with a header/scramble. Second goal was another penalty, thankfully KC got to take it this time. Third goal was by SSK, thanks to a shot and bouncing over the goalie, leaving him looking like a tit stranded. Fourth goal again down to typical Matt E headering. I missed who scored the fifth goal, but the 6th goal was a KC header. Impressive, expect when you consider that it was about 2 yards out and impossible to miss..

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Got all that? OK then, here’s…..

Plus points: Another comfortable win. Another clean sheet. Another performance to justify NE’s permanent stewardship. Jones B getting a full 45 minute run out. KC learning how to kick penalties properly. Carving them apart in the last 15 minutes, when we were already lots of goals up Minus points: Is Ryan Gray capable of shooting accurately from 3 yards out? The referee’s a……: He didn’t half make some odd decisions, forgot to give a penalty to us towards the end. Needless to say, I don’t think he’ll be on the SW19 christmas card list. Lino got into some banter with the Main Stand, given them the thumb up. At least, I think it was the thumb. Them: I’ve never like W2K, so I don’t feel much sympathy for their collapse after most of their squad buggered off to Worthing. As for their current squad, their #10 was a dead ringer from the old Hanna Barbera cartoon, the Hair Bear Bunch. I just hope that he sneaked his way back into the zoo after the game*

* – for those who don’t get that, and for the benefit of the SW19 readership who are under 40 years of age, check here

Sing Hosanna: Again, a little bit of noise from the West Bank. For about 2 minutes anyway. First anti-MK song got airing after 10 minutes. Hang the DJ: Phillo worries me. When I entered the ground, he was playing some decent stuff, like Jet and Rasmus. Before that, he was playing some rap stuff which isn’t really my cup of tea but appeals to some. Then he started getting all Dr Neil Fox, playing the same Franz Ferdinand song on cue, as though he was on Crapital. Then, he committed an unspeakable crime : when the teams came out, “The Boys Are Back In Town” came out. Much mortification. Tell you what, when he starts playing “Let Me Entertain You”, we all ought to club together and hire a hitman out on him, Tim Westwood style. Oh, and he didn’t do a minute’s laughter for Franchise, though did redeem himself with the Laughing Policeman…..

Tramadol Online With Mastercard Point to ponder: Why does it cost less to watch an away game at KM for Wallingford than it does for a home game at KM against Wallingford? afc_w2k_2

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) At all football grounds, you are not allowed to take in objects that could poke somebody’s eye out. I have no idea whatsoever how the haircut above was ever allowed in past the turnstile operators and your eagle-eyed stewards. Christ, the nerve I had to pluck up to ask if I could take a photo was immense. Still, it was nice and stiff, and still kept hard whenever you stroked it. (2) Wasn’t it nice to see 2855 there? Whether it’s because the weather is getting warmer (?) or whether it really is because, as my old man keeps saying, success breeds success. Whatever, it just proves that we have been too strong for this league in over a year. Franchise watch: Who gives a flying fuck about them? Oh, all of you. OK then – drew 3-3 at home (sic) to Preston, and that only came about due to a last minute goal. The Frenzies were so, er, frenzied about cheering their local heroes in their hour of need that a massive 2866 packed out the NHS. With such a loyal and committed following, they will surely go from strength to strength in division two. Who knows, they might even get to open a second car park for their games against Rushden. Anything else? Yeah, I saw a guy I knew from Franchise days down for his first AFCW game (looking a big bigger than what I remembered, that’s obviously what married life does). His impression? “Mint”. So, was it worth it? Aye.

In a nutshell: Almost there….. And finally: As you may have noticed, I’m looking for somebody to do the Chessington and Hook away game on the 24th of this month. I’m going to Leipzig (and no, I’m not going to stay in a concentration camp) so naturally I won’t be here. If you want to do it, please let me know – the people I asked today can’t do it because they’re not going, or they can’t do anything remotely journalistic, or they refuse to let me get them drunk enough to do it for me. And the report. So, who’s up for it? Fresh blood always accepted, ability to report on football not necessarily advantageous….