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Reading the riot act


It comes to something when I’m looking forward to the meeting on the 9th May than Writing 3 Reading 3. OK, this meeting will (maybe) tell us who awaits us next year, though it does seem typical at this level that nobody quite knows what they’re doing. To be so in the dark even two games before the season’s end makes everyone look like a bunch of amateurs. We’ll end up in the Highland League anyway knowing us. I know that next season should arouse my interest a bit more, this season was typical of the game yesterday.

And as for the game? I feel less inclined to write it than normal, but I’ve taken loads of Berocca, so here goes. The first half was, well, dire. In fact, the only bit I remember of it was when their player called “Shane” was being called upon to pass the ball very loudly. So loudly in fact that it awoke everyone from their slumber, causing much joy in yelling “Shane” at him in mock harassment. Told you it was a dull game. So dull in fact that I went to the bar some minutes before half time, and stayed in there to miss the first Reading Town goal. Oops. I eventually came out to watch their second go in, causing much muttering about “unbeaten records”.

Suddenly, we got into gear – sort of. A free kick on the edge of the area for us, with KC lining up to take it. “He’ll miss this” I decreed. KC scored, and “Hallelujah” came on the PA system. Suppose it beats “We are the Champions”. It was quite obvious from then on that we weren’t going to lose, and when we got another free kick in the same area, with KC yet again lining one up, and your humble and esteemed editor this time declaring “He’ll score this”, it was 2-2. At least I don’t have to describe the goal again. The excitement was uncontainable (probably), especially as the pressure told off. A – whatever it was – came in, the ball came off the bar, and there was KC to net in from 3 inches out. I would say there was a mass orgy, but it felt more like a discussion over a nice cup of tea.

Of course, they went up the other end and scored, but then that was obvious.


Plus points: Well, we came back I suppose. And yes, I know we did well considering we’re all bloody shagged out.

Minus points: Rearrange the following words to make a well know phrase or sentence. Defence. Our. Shit. Is.

The referee’s a……: Didn’t the lino look like Terry Eames?

Them: Actually quite good, certainly had more attempts on goal than our lot in the first half. All things being equal, they didn’t really deserve to lose. Looked like Wallingford or Man Shitty in the 1980s.

Crowd control: Officially about 2200 there last night, but I did overhear one of AFCW’s moneymen asking “record low crowd?”. Personally, I prefer these slightly lower crowds to the likely 4k+ that the Wallies game tomorrow will get on just sheer comfort factor.

Point to ponder: Is it me or do we really look like we want the season to end? If we could forfeit the Wallies game as a 0-0, I think we’d be a lot closer to taking that option than people want to believe. The very fact that we somehow keep motivated despite winning the double is testament to a lot of things, not least the unbeaten record. Never mind, only some crappy bunch of yokels to beat tomorrow, then we can sit down and watch Euro 2004.


Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Anyone notice the new AFCW sign on top of the main stand? All we need now is a scoreboard to stop me asking what the score is every 2 minutes. (2) You may have noticed some new looking gates around (pictured above). This is to make KM Ryman standard, because it makes the ground fully enclosed that way. (3) And did I really see bins around? And not the sort where you put your aluminium cans/used toners/anything else remotely recyclable? Perhaps they might even put an ATM in next. Or even tea/coffee facilities without having to enter the ground…

Franchise watch: And something that could keep this site going in the summer. Basically, the lovely Inland Revenue, when they’re not fucking up my registration details, are currently embroiled in legal battles with the MK Doomed. I can’t quite figure out the ins and outs of it, but the bottom line is this : according to Wankelmann, if Franchise are still in admin by the end of July, that’s it. Bye bye.

Now, obviously we’re all rooting for the IR to win, and even an appeal will/should take Franchise’s admin beyond this July. We should hear next week what will go on, from what I can gather the judge is going through the evidence more and more. What’s different this time is that the IR are a government organisation (I think) and when their representative says “If this …. is allowed to proceed, where will it end?”, it’s not a bunch of dewey eyed romantics called football supporters kicking up a fuss because they can’t be arsed to travel 70 miles, it’s the main tax body of the UK. And which is why I’m just a little bit more hopeful than normal that Franchise get justice. What makes me think they won’t?

Anything else? Yeah, strange that it was the last evening game of the season, and the last “proper” home game as well.

So, was it worth it? Urm……

In a nutshell: Come on Wallies, give it your worst shot.