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The future is Orange?

So, what can I say about Oval 3 Lords 0? Well, firstly I could say that we had a goaline clearance after about 30 seconds. I could say that I was writing something down when Bolger made it 1-0 (I am told that it was a throw-in and a flick on by Butler). I could say we were a bit lethargic in defence at times. I could say that we made it 2-0 thanks to the much maligned Richard Butler netting. I could also say how ironic it was that he did that with KC in the stand watching, apparently making a comment that they were the ones drawing the crowds in or something. Hope that’s a joke, his reported comment on Saturday that he was playing us off against Carshalton for a contract is fast putting him in the “snidey ex-hero” column. What is it with our ex-players? Funny how he keeps turning up to our games, he probably wants to come back, a la SSK. Anyway, I could say that we made it 3-0 at the end with the ever-increasingly-confident JS netting a rather sweet volley. Even the other players looked please for him. But what I’d really like to say was that it was bloody wet and Monday is a stupid time for a PSF.


Plus points: Another win. Another clean sheet. Good boosts for Butler and JS. In fact, Butler getting in there a couple of times. Quite sharp up front. Jones B looking livelier than Lee Hughes in the prison showers this morning

Minus points: Passing a bit shit.

The referee’s a…..: He was a bit on the slow side giving decisions, but on the whole he was OK. Incidentally, well known Dons fan (and the guy who got called Ashley Cole on Fantasy Football League 2004) Godfrey was doing lino duties last night. Just one thing that bothered me, next time he wants to be impartial and flag whenever there’s an offside, can he not do it when we’re attacking? Thank you.

Them: Wasn’t their kit horrible? No idea what level they are, about the same as ours I’m told. They weren’t too bad I suppose, despite the scoreline. Their goalie suffered a nasty concussion though.

Point to ponder: Reported ugly scenes from Saturday when a couple of our new players were basically acting arsey in the bar (not Ursell I hasten to add, who is described as a nice guy). I won’t mention names, in case it’s mistaken identity, but it was interesting that they were the same ones who didn’t exactly set the place alight last night. It really makes me a bit puzzled – and more than a little POed – how some players can throw all sense of goodwill away. After all, KC is going from hero to zero in quite a few people’s eyes, mine included, and these new lot aren’t even having the decency to leave the club before they do that. A sharp word or two might suffice, though somehow I get the feeling that they may not have the necessary nous or attitude to make their AFCW careers a long and successful one…

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) I don’t think I’ve seen certain bar staff so desperate for trade at half time. The pleads of “can I help you please?” sounded more concerned than Peter Winkelmann’s monthly meeting with the creditors. (2) So much so that I got a nice hologram of a shovel on my Guinness. The barman was keen to do a typical Dublin scene for me, but didn’t know how to draw depictions of traffic jams, extortionate prices and violent locals*

* – OK, despite being a bit Cork biased, I don’t mind Dublin. But every time I go to that part of Ireland I see glassings, fights, policemen getting knocked off motorcycles, often within a 20 yard area. And this when Shamrock Rovers AREN’T playing.

Anything else? Yeah. Caught a glimpse of the new club shop kiosk with its shutters open. And it does look pretty nice. With luck they’ll call it the Don’s Shop. In all seriousness, it would be nice to have something a bit more permanent and moorish than the back bar. One day they may even have something I like in there.

So, was it worth it? Suppose so.

In a nutshell: Watch us lose on Saturday