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Log in the bog

As somebody outside said after the game, they can’t wait for the new season to start. And after Toilet 3 Bog 0 it’s probably not that surprising. Think about it, they’re two divisions higher than us and we managed to do what teams like Man U do – soak up the pressure, then hit them at the end. Anyway, in the beginning we had a corner, and like a welcome repeat of your favourite TV programme, up popped Matt E for a trademark header. 1-0. It sort of degenerated a little bit the game, because of the heat (we certainly didn’t go into everything 110%), though we did do some long balls defence splitting passes quite well.

Second half, it was more of the same until the last five minutes. I made the comment that we needed a second goal urgently as they were attacking quite hard. So, a breakout of defence, cross into Ryan Gray who effortly slotted home. 2-0 and my reputation as Nostradamus was intact.

Like Ks, we seemed to go up a gear afterwards, and it was no surprise that the ever impressive Ursell got the ball in the box, took his time, picked his spot and slided it past their loud goalie. 3-0. Who said that we’re a pub team?


Plus points: A win. Against higher opposition. Without conceding. Fitness the best I have seen from a Wimbledon team in eons. Seemed to go up a gear after scoring. Paying £6 entry most agreeable, and should be de rigeur for all AFCW games (although surely with the club’s ethical stance, they shouldn’t be charging entry at all?)

Minus points: Dear Mr Naisbitt. Please don’t try and dribble around oppo players. It’s scary and will lead to doom. Yours sincerely, SW19.

The referee’s a…: Well, he was a little bit picknitty, though he did start giving us some decisions later on.

Them: Many around me thought that they did look a division or two above us at times, and they didn’t exactly look like CCL cannon fodder. No idea on the strength of their team though, but I bet it weren’t bad. A load of their fans – well, four anyway – turned up and gave a 10 second chant and that was about it. Nice that their #2 was replacing divots for us, obviously they too know what happens when our secretary finds out his pitch has been violated. And their #5 looks like a certain geriatric Glesga Rangers fan of my aquaintance….

If you can’t stand the heat: Fucking hell, it was hot. I think the weather at Horley last season – which got so cold I literally could not write anything – was infinitely more preferable than being stuck in a furnace. Will say it again – anyone who purports to like this sort of weather is either mentally imbalanced or one of those airheaded slappers who present the weather who really think that those who have their health suffer in baking temperatures regard it as “lovely”.

Spotted: A certain chrome domed individual who had a bit of, ahem, trouble after Coney Hall. Presumably allowed back now, and would be advised to keep a low profile. Incidentally, if every AFCW fan who had found themselves in bother last season had been banned from games for a season, there could have been a couple of interesting absentees

Point to ponder: I note the Bognor manager has been there 32 years. So, let’s have a competition : how many photos of previous Bognor Regis Town chairman in compromising positions does the manager have?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Wasn’t that many there, plenty of regulars missing. Indeed, quote from behind the bar said “I’ve never seen the bars so quiet”. (2) Plenty of Rick “Superfreak” James over the PA system. If playing music from recently deceased music stars is going to happen often, I will hope that Mick Hucknall finds the secret of eternal life. (3) The sewage from Berrylands STUNK. What do they put in there? More to the point, do I really want to know? (4) Nice professionally printed tickets, even if they do look like boarding cards that Ryanair airports give you. (5) A 31 year old mascot. Surely the application wasn’t held up that long in the post?

Franchise watch: Bloody hell, has the new season started already? Twenty years ago, when I watched my first ever proper game (Wimbledon vs Man City for those who care), it started on the 25th August. Now, we may as well not have a close season, the way the second division first division Championship works out these days. Anyway. Franchise started off in div 3, er, div 2, er, League One, and drew 1-1 vs Barnsley. About 4700, or 2000 Barnsley, which is basically par for the course as last season. So they practically have a loyal (sic) fanbase of 2700. Remember kids, this was saving Wimbledon Football Club, as the club were going to die with crowds of 6000 at SP, and don’t you forget it. The Great Leader Pete Win Kel Man said that, and anyone who doubts him is evil, a liar and will find that Damon Le Gite will slit your families throat and steal your money for Inter MK.

Also, in more Nazi style history re-writing, they wanted to change the engraving of the 88 Cup win. Presumably the FA bods had far more important things to think about this week, like how they can get Ms Alam to swallow.

Anything else? Yeah, on Crapital Old coming back, the two presenters started going on about our rivals next season. No, not T&M but the loveable Met Police. They talked about going down to a game, asked if they sold merchandise, and whether anyone singing “We are the Met” in the style of “We are Leeds” would get done for impersonating a copper. Trouble is, it was a bit condescending, not in a BBC-style lack of respect more a commercial radio one. Nice to see that when it comes to treating all areas of football with a just amount of deference, the meeja as usual fail miserably…

So, was it worth it? Guess so, even if only to see Joe Sheerin last 45 consecutive minutes.

In a nutshell: There’s nothing better than a good session on the Bog. Oh, and buy the September issue of 442, out now. And read page 144.