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K Mart


Last season we wouldn’t have had a result like Tenants 1 Landlords 4, and especially one that could have gone either way before the last 10 minutes. But this season, with a mixture of new blood and last year’s decent talent, we came to their home ground and certainly matched them. And this is what’s pleased me about the PSFs thus far – they’ve mostly been against better opposition and we have yet to be comprehensively stuffed by any of them. As for the game, we went ahead thanks to Jamie Taylor following a rebound (at least I think it was) after 2 minutes. They got back into it on 26 minutes thanks to a bit of a defensive lapse.

Their 12 men – think about it – piled the pressure on a bit and got a penalty. Which they duly didn’t score. Ha. From then on, we went up a gear and up popped Matt E to score a trademark. I was photographing the goal (see above), so I didn’t see all of it. I did see Jamie Taylor capitalise on a defensive mix up to make it 3-1. And I deffo saw JS get his confidence back by slotting home a volley from an Ursell flick. 4-1. Nice.

Plus points: Winning. Away (stop laughing). Superior fitness in the last 10 mins. Ursell and Butler could be a good partnership. Don’t think our goalie had that much to do. JS coming back and looking a bit better than he has done for a while.

Minus points: Conceding. Giving the ball away far too readily.

The referee’s a……: A survey of Dons fans at various parts of the game yielded the following comments : “He’s ruined the game”. “He’s a muppet”. “He’s a homer”. “He looks a bit overwhelmed at the size of the audience”. “The referee looked like a girl – like Mia Farrow”. I think you get the idea. Even the PA guy joined in – “This is tempting fate, but if it’s a draw it will go to a penalty shootout”, as publicly announced over the tannoy. Presumably to help the referee what the rules were.

Them: Bugger all Ks fans, considering it was their home game (sic). They have really slumped in both attendances and stature, and if this new takeover doesn’t work out for them, who knows what will happen? Going bust or merging with us would become quite a realistic option. Whatever happens to them though, it’s bound to be our fault. Usually is. Anyway, they apparently haven’t got a settled team, about 5 regulars and the rest unknowns. Let’s hope that they finally pay the rent this time*.

* – OK I admit it, I’m not the biggest Ks fan in the world, and I do get a little bit fed up with some people expecting us to go easy on them. Truth is, they’ve had FA Trophy successes in the last 5 years and have basically thrown it away. Ultimately, it’s their fault that they’re in the shit they’re in. Not ours. They may be nice enough people but TBH we’ve got enough of our own financial worries than constantly being altruistic towards other teams. We done them a helluva favour with this friendly and the last one, which they didn’t pay us for. If the glove was on the other foot we wouldn’t be let off so easily. Rant over.

Sing Hosanna: Ks fans – all 50 of them – were in good voice, at least in their anti-Sutton vitriol. Us on the other hand were a little bit quiet, though “You’re not singing any more” to them as we went 3-1 up was welcomed. And somebody (not me) did try and start a chant of “We’ve got money haven’t you” to them. Didn’t work for some reason.

Spotted: Tony “Ex-Franchise Employee” White, talking to people. Clearly not doing any Halifax adverts at the moment.

Point to ponder: Is it me or have we come together so quickly at a rate of knots? I’m pleasantly surprised that the new guys have slotted in almost effortlessly with the older players. Ursell looks like he’s been here all the time, and I don’t panic when I hear Naisbitt on the team sheet.


Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Isn’t it weird playing an away game at home? Now we know how Crystal Palace – or Chrystal Palace as their new shirts say – felt all these years. (2) In fact, even now I still can’t quite get used to the fact I occasionally watched Ks in our Prem days and thinking that I didn’t really like KM. (3) I don’t care what it is, it’s always nice to lift a trophy. Think our lot looked quite pleased as well. Wonder if the ground fund will stretch to a trophy cabinet from Ikea? (4) Main stand/AFCW office (delete according to source) struck by lightning before game. (5) Burnt out car in car park. Wonder if it’s AFCW’s new method of telling people not to park there? Cheaper than buying clamps I suppose

Anything else? Urm, not really. Back bar wasn’t open. 1101 people there wasn’t that bad. Oh, and the world’s crappiest rendition of a Joe Jackson song, which I shall withold identity of singer for fear of being beaten up embarrasment purposes.

So, was it worth it? Of course.

In a nutshell: I love beating the squatters