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World of leather

Few things before I start. Firstly, don’t forget the SW19 competition to win a 1988 FA Cup final DVD, click here. Secondly, I’ve decided to pull the poll section as quite simply I haven’t had time/inclination to do it properly. And yes, I know the front page is horribly outdated. Thirdly, I’ve got a new article up which explains why there wasn’t a Croydon report. Though from the two eyewitness accounts I got I didn’t miss much.


The same could sadly not be said for AFCW Anus 2 Leatherhead Lip 2. This was a Sandhurst style how to throw away a perfectly good lead and nearly lose it. For the first 70 minutes, it was more or less as you were for most games. While Leatherhead were up for it, and after a pretty shite first half, on 70 minutes Jamie Taylor netted home from 1 yard out, following a corner and flick on. Normal service seemed to continue when a shot on the edge of the area by – who else? – Robert Ursell made it 2-0. Another easy win, you may think. Except Leatherhead didn’t think so. Helped by our defence looking as vulnerable as Mark Hughes’ days as Wales manager, and Matt E going off, we proceeded to let them get back into it. 2-1, and I thought that it would at least be an interesting finish.

Unfortunately, I was proved right. Suddenly, it became 2-2, and if I’m being honest we would have deserved to lose. I couldn’t say that I would have been upset had we lost our unbeaten run. I do think that these sort of runs eventually get to the stage that it becomes a hinderance, and we are due a good thumping. What makes me think it’ll be Dover on Saturday?

While you wait for that, here’s….

Plus points: The first 70 minutes

Minus points: The last 20 minutes.

The referee’s a……: Managed to miss some rather, ahem, hefty challenges on our players in the first half. The sarcastic cheers when he gave a free kick said it all.

Them: For the first time, a team came and made me doubt if we’re quite as good as we like to think we are. They certainly didn’t respect our reputation and they proved that we do live off that a fair bit. Quite a few of their fans turned up and made some noise, though the spirit of Chris Kelly lives on….

White noise: The away fans sung, but we seem to be as quiet as Peter Winkelmann on a coke charge. Presumably lethargy stretches off the field…

Point to ponder: A lot of people thought we were going to lose before the game last night.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Seeing a well known PISA boy getting birthday bumps. On the hardcore Athletics End, no less. (2) Corinthian Casuals selling tickets for their game against us in the back bar. Still, they seem nice enough people.

Anything else? Yup. £2.60 for a pint of Guinness. I could write a lot about the dangers of rising prices by stealth, especially in a vital area such as the bar, but I don’t want to have tedious lectures about complex economic matters. So instead, I’ll quote you Senator Shane Ross – “patriotism starts in our hearts and ends in our pockets”

So, was it worth it? Urm…

In a nutshell: The game lasts for 90 minutes.