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Yes, there wasn’t a Fleet report. Basically speaking, I left my pen at home and had to nab one, so there weren’t so many notes anyway. The next day, evening and Thursday morning were out of the question, so that’s why there hasn’t been anything up until now

Instead, a few random thoughts from the lead-filled squishy ball of contaminated tissue that passes itself off as my brain.

Funniest moment of Fleet was the anti-Andy Sinton chants. “Tottenham reject” and “If Sinton played for England so could I” my own favourites. I think this is one of the very few things I miss about WFC, being able to chant abuse at famous people. Maybe the higher we go up the leagues the more oldies we can remind that we haven’t quite gone away…

Roddis has gone, and in the age old AFCW tradition, he has been giving us grief in the South London Press.

“The fans have to be realistic, they can’t expect so much from part timers, otherwise they should have gone to MK to watch professional football.”

Cupple o’tings. While we do forget that they are part timers (sometimes), there is a level of expectancy at our club. You don’t set up a club, make a costly purchase of a leasehold of the ground, employ a top rated manager all in front of gates that are in the top three or four in the country in non-league and expect an easy ride. Some players (ie Ursell) are successful, others (like Roddis) are as much use as John Kerry.

Being part-time means jack shit. I’m sure if some of our players were to train as professionals (ie 4 times a week for however long), they would be in the professional game. Ursell could be, Matt E might be, and if JS wasn’t a cripple he’d be at a League One club. Christ, look at some of the players who played for WFC (Carl Leaburn for instance). What is Roddis’ excuse?

As for the MK cheap shot, anyone who comes through AFCW and on departure throws that sort of insult is only good for shovelling pigeon shit. This club’s on-field success has come down to skill, talent, commitment and above all a damn good attitude. No wonder Roddis failed here.

Speaking of ex-players, while working at Croydon vs Dulwich on Wednesday, I saw KC. He was on the bench, getting a run out after 89 minutes….

Elsewhere, it’s the FAT tomorrow, and in true Sky Sports hype, it’s the big return of DA to his old patch. If we’re going to win it, it’ll have to be tomorrow. To add to the buildup, their manager has resigned. Good of him. They are a little bit good, Hendon, they’re one division above us and a couple of places away from playoff position. In other words, a guaranteed victory for us…..

Finally, Hornchurch are fucked. The company that had been bankrolling them is no more, and they are up Faeces Creek without a propellor/water interface implement. There are other clubs that are in their situation, Horsham and Fisher Athletic (or so I’m told) are two other sides that have gone down this route. I suppose that at AFCW we are probably best equipped for paying higher wages, on the basis that we have a regular income through tickets, merchandise etc (the apparent lack of sponsorship beyond SI and the firms that have a link to AFCW anyway concerns me though).

Obviously, I would prefer it if we didn’t have to pay whatever Hornchurch were paying their players – thing is, the more we progress and the more common this sort of thing becomes elsewhere, can we afford not to? I feel a WUP article coming…

Normal service resumes tomorrow. Be there. Just remember to get off at Brent Cross.