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Having a Bash bash_afcw

While these sort of games tend to happen towards the end of the season, Pony 1 Trap 2 had an air of banana skin attached to it. It’s those sort of places where runs end with a whimper rather than a bang. The game started off on a pitch that looked like the Somme, while after 4 minutes our defence acted like it was lying dead on the Somme. It was a well taken goal, but it was as though the defence had developed gangrene. Our forward line was using WW1 style aerial artillery – presumably playing on the ground was too iffy – though we were about as effective as the League of Nations.

OK, enough war references. The second half was when we had our arses kicked. I’ve no idea what DA puts in the half time drinks, but I just hope they don’t show up on urine tests. We motored, and while it took 60 minutes, when Matt E bodychecked rose above their #4 to nod home, there was only going to be one winner. And it wasn’t them.

With Bash looking more rattled than a Ukrainian election commissioner, the second goal was merely forthcoming. Randall, right on 89 minutes, headed in following some good crossing by Ginge. Another 3 points, and hopefully the next time we play Bashley, I won’t have to drive in the dark.

Cheap Ambien Generic Anyway…. Plus points: A win. In a difficult place. Ginge’s crossing. Ability to keep pressing forward still impresses me even now.

Minus points: Conceding. Ursell injured (perhaps we can sue Chester?)

The referee’s a…..: Well, he was OK I suppose. Them: Right in the middle of nowhere – literally. I was trying to work out where the village was, but it felt like an Irish village insofar as the settlement is about 6 houses and that’s it. Plenty of bloody horses though, I’ve never seen a wild horse before. Seen a couple of livid ones though. The ground was clearly in the downtown entertainment part of Bashley, it had the FC, the village hall and the cricket ground side by side. As for the FC, nice enough people. Cheap to get in, efficient tea bar (Dunstable take note). Team quite battling, though clearly were running out of steam late on. Oh, and did anyone else see the Bash goalie at the end showing how he shakes coffee beans? Spotted: Some AFC Bournemouth fans, who decided that the trip to Hartlepool was a tad too far that day. From the amount they were drinking, their hangovers this morning will have been on a par with the ones they’d get from a day in the North East. Point to ponder: On the weekend of 28th November 1999, I was watching a club called Wimbledon playing away at Newcastle, in front of 36,623. The ground was a spaceship, the area the usual grey, decaying northern city, and the biggest threat to your wellbeing was an irate wild Geordie roaming around the streets of Toonside. On the weekend of 28th November 2004, I was watching a club called Wimbledon playing away at Bashley, in a crowd of about 920. The ground was a car park, the area was the usual bleak outpost of countrysided southern England and the biggest threat to your wellbeing was an irate wild horse roaming around the open fields of Bashley. There is something profound about this comparison, but I haven’t quite figured out what. Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Seeing lots of Palace fans en-route (they were away at Soton), both going and coming. Complete with drivings skills of your average Croydonian. (2) Thinking I was at a CCL game all over again. (3) Tuning into local radio and hearing Status Quo. Not only that, it was part of a top five favourites from a guy called Derek from somewhere like Dibley or Dibdon. I really wish I was making this up. Anything else? Yeah. Passed through a place called Lyndhurst en route, which I’m told is famous for something. Anyone know why? So, was it worth it? Well, at least I can say I’ve seen the New Forest.

In a nutshell: Neigh.