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Eurostars ashford_afcw

Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online If there was ever the proverbial game of two halves, then Eurotunnel 1 Morden LT Depot 4 would surely be on there. I don’t want to talk about the first half. I think Carling Opta’s stats would have had it all down as 0 shots on target, 0 shots off target, god knows how many offsides and quite a few fouls comitted against. Oh, and one goal to Ashford. Thanks to the wonders of Pipex broadband and Dons Online, I now don’t need to say I missed the goal. However, looks like our defence did….. It was with a heavy heart, and with even heavier bowels, that the half time came and went. Just as well, the whole place felt dead. Somehow, things changed. Where there was dark, there was now light. Where there was fear, there was now hope. Where there was a rather iffy curry, there was now a bog and endless toilet paper. Where there was….. OK, enough of that. I’ve no idea what structural damage was caused in the away dressing room at half time, but I presume the crowd of 1057 covered the reconstruction costs. We learnt how to pass the ball, and passed it so effectively that Prigent slotted home to make it 1-1. A lesson to be learnt, perhaps? Ashford’s luck seemed to run out, and we went up that gear needed. Thanks to a flick-on by Jay Conroy, Richard Butler put us in the lead. And it felt CCL like again. OK, I wonder about Danny Naisbitt, I just can’t help thinking that he’s suffering a tad of the Jim Leighton syndrome. But when Randall scored from the spot, it didn’t seem to matter. Meanwhile, dead on full time, Prigent scored directly on the edge of the area from a free kick, though I swear Ashford’s 12 did a sneaky little punch…

Order Tramadol Us To Us Meanwhile. Plus points: The second half

Minus points: The first half

By Tramadol Online The referee’s a……: He was from Gravesend. No further comment necessary. Them: OK, forget Bashley, Ashford is the most out-of-town place going. At least Bashley had a village hall next to it. If they ever become good again – I believe they used to get crowds of 2.5k – they’ll have plenty of room to expand. Nice bar, selling (gasp) Murphys. Shame I was driving. Their kit was a luscious (?) lime green number. As for their tackling, it was, well, urm, tough. Mouthy guy in the main stand annoying everyone, funny how he shut up after we went 2-1 up…

Garden of England: This site has often been accused in the past of being antagonistic towards the Kent region of the United Kingdom, in particular to the rampant inbreeding of its inhabitants. I feel I ought to apologise to any Kent Womble for my baiting of those who bring a new meaning to the term “close family ties”. But instead, I will point you to Ashford’s “Is This You?” feature on page 25 of their programme yesterday. In particular, the following actual words printed, italics are mine: “If you see your picture on this page take it to a club official to claim your prize (first claimant only wins)”….

Order Tramadol Online Us Point to ponder: Mentioned it earlier, will mention it again. If we decided to pass the ball more often, will we get on better? Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) That nice little green goody bag some of us were given afterwards. Thankos muchos, I need some dishwasher tablets. (2) So, what do Wombles talk about when we go 3-1 up away from home? Scoring more goals? Defending? Tactics? Nope, pro wrestling. And no, I won’t mention “Bang Babes” on channel 427 of Sky.

Order Tramadol With Paypal Anything else? Not really, apart from the mist at the end, the M26’s lack of lighting, the comatose guy in the next road to me and the brain dead Chelski family at Tesco Sutton petrol station…

So, was it worth it? If you turned up at half time, certainly was. In a nutshell: Two in a row….