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Leamington Spar


Well, my tenure as BAT SPORTS vs AFCWIMBLEDON match reporter came to an abrupt end, a day before it started. So I guess I should report on the other Vase match going on this weekend. Leamington 2 Durham City AFC 1 (sorry for the lack of pun,… but you may have no idea what im on about)

With 4 AFCWimbledon supporters in attendance we (I say ‘we’ but I support Leamington AND AFCWimbledon) almost out-numbered the travelling Durham followers for this FA Vase Third round tie. A bumper crowd of 711 saw underdogs from pyramid level 9 beat FAVase 6th favourites; Durham City AFC. In fact, it was quite comfortable at times and the levels were not really apparent in this game. Leamington, my home town team, were massive underdogs and we witnessed a glorious giantkilling. Having become slightly bitter towards Durham before the game, having found out that no money would be made from a large crowd, due to having to pay for THEIR night in the Ramada Hotel in Solihull, I was determined to see the Brakes stop Durham. And they did.

Without boring you with details, the second Leamington goal was awesome. A speedy full back called David Care pounced on a loose ball in the Durham half and sped past a couple of lumbering Durham centre backs, nutmegged the fullback and smashed a beauty over the advancing keeper from around 15 metres. Cue grown men falling over on a muddy North Bank and an inflatable sheep attached to a stick waved aggressively at the Yellow and Blue fans of Durham from the ‘Sheepsiders’. A late strike couldnt stop the celebrations. Players, all local and unpaid, embraced fans. Since reformation in 2000 after a 12 year limbo this was the greatest victory so far. I must say, I had a few tears. Something that Charles Koppel and Peter Winkelman will never be able to engage with their franchised cockfest of a club to evoke from the 70 brainwashed prick ‘ supporters’.

Plus points: Possible scenario of my two precious clubs meeting. | Realisation that Northern clubs arent that good | Another Midlands AFCW fan met (Oldwarwickidon) | AFCW Vase game now on a Saturday | Great game of football, played in a really good spirit.

Minus points: Possible scenario of my two precious clubs meeting (how can I cheer any goals… FUCK!) | Racist cunt in the Leamington home end. Sadly Leamington ‘fan’. I shall keep an eye out for this fat racist dogshit in the future, and when I pluck up the courage, I will launch a verbal assault at him. Hes a Wolves fan usually. I hope he fucks off back there. I despise scum like that and it tarnished the day for me.

The referee¹s a … total homer. He did a good job and gave us most things in the first half. Small and bald.

Them: Good solid side, no weapons. Leam have pace going forward, a sturdy defence (Andy Gregory is always being watched by Northampton Town, but he has turned them down) but a naff midfield.

Song sung blue: No swearing allowed at the New Windmill Ground

Quotes of the day: (1) “Bring on the Wombles” Fat Leam fans (2) “Bring on AFCWimbledon in Round 4” Manager Jason Cadden on BBC WM (3) “I hope we dont get the Dons, as I cant celebrate any goals from either side” Me thinking about the possibility

Point to ponder: Why cant fat racist fucks die badly with rancid diseased forks in the eyes when they utter racist shite from their fat greasy cunt shaped mouths?

Franchise watch: They lost 0-1 at home to Walsall. The gate — 3,315 — is STILL less than their claimed season ticket sales, and taking into account likely away fan attendance of 500-600, + cheap tickets means Franchise’s hard core must be around 2,000. They got the go ahead from their gutless thieving council to build a stupidly large stadium and other wank things on the Denbigh site. When they go down they are going to be totally fucked as clubs like Walsall and Rotherham make up Div 2. Big crowds coming from Sheffield Wednesday and possibly Oxford and Luton. And with the latter two, lots of trouble.. not forgetting Swindon… and Donny Rovers…hahaha… I mean seriously, what is the interest going to be. The people of MK want West Ham, Chelsea and the BIG BOYS. They arent interested in crap like franchise in their poxy lego stadium playing other perceived non entities. I watch Level 9 and Level 8 football. Its not about the big teams. Its about clubs I have emotional attachment to. I have suffered with my football clubs so Im celebrating whenever I can. Thats why I cried at the Sutton game and the same today. Call me a big girl, but I bet there was no freaks crying at Franchise vs Burnley at the National Crappo stadium.

Was it worth it? Yes. Yes YES YES,, this is REAL football. I just selfishly could have seen a double header of both of my clubs… Well that would have been greedy!

In a nutshell: Roll on next Saturday for the rescheduled game. [… looks like Bashley FC’s ground… but check the official sources for travel details… may be a chance to grab a seat on a bus. Lets really make it special. Ive had another taste of the VASE today and want more. ]