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Dork crackling for Xmas Published by REPD on 27 December 2004 So, Xmas is over. You’ve stuffed your bird, you’ve survived the television and the sales and now you’re wanting some outdoor action. And what could have been better than Chicks 0 Dudes 2? Well, something a bit warmer, with some better football and less mud for starters. Oh well. The game really isn’t much to write about, as it seemed quite scrappy. That’s “scrappy”, with an “s”. The first goal was a bit of a scrambled effort, with Leon McD giving us some proverbial seasonal cheer. And the second goal was scored by… shit, I didn’t write it down. Oh well, it was a cross in, the goalkeeper didn’t hold onto it and it was headed in. Cue much cheering. And that really is as much as I can be arsed to write on it. I’ve got Barnet v Scarboro to do tomorrow, and I suppose I’ll need to make a better effort…..

Tramadol Online Echeck Moving forward. Plus points: Won. Away. Clean sheet. Leon McD scoring again. Minus points: It was crap The referee’s a……: There’s more chance of an Ukranian presidential election going off smoother than this used condom of an individual’s handling. Did somebody annoy him over Xmas? I presume he got a jumper, an orange and an apple last Saturday, how else could I explain his sulky mood? Either that or Santa didn’t come down his chimney stack and was subsequently demanding a bit of attention.

Them: Nice looking place, Dorking. Nestling inbetween Box Hill and overseen by a nice church avec steeple, it’s a typical market town without the market. Well positioned car park as well. Pitch represented a World War 1 battlefield though, there was apparently a pitch inspection beforehand. Presumably to test for the likelyhood of contacting gangrene. They looked like Celtic and played a little bit like Queen of the South. Their #10 was happy to mouth off to the crowd from the safety of 30 yards away… Point to ponder: How nervous do you think Danny N was? His kicking wasn’t too grand, and he must have been praying that the quagmire didn’t do funny things to the ball when it got near him. As it did when he went to pick the ball up and it bounced right up at him

Tramadol 180 Tabs Online Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Being stuck in that carpark by the ground for a sodding half-hour, which was only marginally less exciting than the game. At least I didn’t have to pay parking charges. (2) Seeing beer being taken and drunk at pitchside. Have to be honest and admit that Coney Hall sprung to mind, but the difference is that our lot can handle our beer better than any chav could.

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Anything else? Yeah. Did you know that the Dorking people were working at the ground on Xmas Day? Bet the crowd of 2500 or so melted their hearts, if not their pitch.

Order Tramadol Online Uk So, was it worth it? Debatable.

In a nutshell: Pass the Stones ginger wine.