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Bash Street Kids afcw_bash

Can You Buy Ambien Online Legally Jesus christ. I decide to forgo a life of fun and glamour in the US to return to England and I get subjected to Biff 0 Bash 0. This was dire. This was the sort of game heart attack victims could watch safely. Only thing really worth mentioning was Ursell’s penalty miss. Or rather, the goalie saved it (despite appearing to dive early) and we failed to do anything about the rebound. Oh well, don’t think it would have been deserved anyway, it was that bad. In fact, I remember looking at my watch, thinking it was near half time and it only showing 3.21pm. Perhaps I should have looked at my watch more, it might have shown more movement. Mind you, I don’t think this comment by DA on the OS about the game helps matters: “I suppose we need a game like that from time to time to give the moaners something to moan about”. Bloody hell, talk about making a bad situation worse. After the game, an SW19 reader told me that it was exactly like Dulwich last week. I suppose we are quite lucky at the moment, with us being oodles of points clear and performances like today considered blips as opposed to major surgery. Shudder to think what will happen when we’re languishing mid table.

Actually, if some of the apparent things being said today (and at Newport) are anything to go by, if we are mid table then I think it’ll be best to send back your season ticket. Some are clearly POed at DA, thinking there are far too many ex-Hendon in the squad, wanting Nicky English in charge again etc, with an “AFC Hendon Cunt” being thrown at him, amongst other stuff. Small minority but still very noticable. Here’s my $0.02. Many of these players who DA have bought in – including the five zillion ex-Hendon ones – that are “no better than what we have” have dropped at least one or two divisions to play for us. In one or two cases, they’ve joined from the pro-leagues and/or rejected professional clubs. So chances are they are certainly far more than “no better than what we have”. Why aren’t we playing well? Perhaps we are and we haven’t noticed it? We are about 11 points clear certainly, which isn’t exactly terrible. Perhaps people have convinced themselves that the CCL last season was the hardest league in the world ever and anything we achieve this season will never be bettered. Sorry to bring you down to Planet Realism but last year we were an OK team in a very poor league. Winning the CCL double, while nice, was not really that much of an achievement. This season was always going to be harder – no, we’re not winning games 5-0 or 6-0. Did anyone really think we would repeat it this season? And are people really so naive to believe that DA would be the only manager to bring in his own players?

Not that everything is rosy in the AFCW garden of course. The play could be more entertaining at times. I do sometimes wonder why DA changes things, seemingly un-necessarily. When the QPR loanee goes back to Loftus Road I’m going to start shitting myself over the goalie again. But we could be doing a lot, lot worse, and I would suggest to any AFCW fan (hell, every AFCW fan) just to step outside the AFCW oppressive glass house once in a while. You might be surprised to realise how bloody lucky we are.

If you’re still wanting to argue the toss, consider this. Last season, the current manager of AFCW was within one place of taking his team to the Conference South. This season, the club he left – including the exodus of players to AFCW, of course – is currently in the bottom four of the division above us. Both derided manager and players were playing and beating teams currently at a higher level than AFCW. If somebody could explain the logic that a top Ryman Premier manager and staff is not good enough for an increasingly surly, snotty minded Ryman One club, please email. Just remember to remove head from arse before posting, it may cause embarrasment.

There is a level of CCLness still at AFCW. It’s just that right now, they’re likely to be holding season tickets.


Plus points: Well, we didn’t lose I suppose

Minus points: Ursell’s penalty. 3pm-4.45pm

The referee’s a….: He’s my hero. Seriously. No, he didn’t save a drowing child from the Wandle. He didn’t find a cure for cancer, AIDS, diabetes or even manage to get Merton Social Services to do their job at 8pm on a Sunday evening. No, far more than that, he blew the full time whistle to make sure we never had to endure that any longer.

Them: They came, they saw, and probably deserved the point. If their player hadn’t missed a header from about 4 yards out the mood would have been even worse. Decided to come in a big yellow bus apparently, which has all the potential for a kids programme. I can see it now: “The Big Yellow Bashley Bus”, a magic bus set in a small New Forest town, complete with fun, games, cartoons and hilarity, especially when their number four does a clearance. Anyone got the phone numbers of Derek Griffiths and Dave Benson Phillips? This could be huge…

WUPped: Good interview with Kris Stewart in there today, I think WUP is at its best when it does things like that. Been a bit disappointed with recent issues but I wasn’t with this one, and as long as it doesn’t start to act as a shrill to AFCW it’ll be on my purchase list. And yes, I know I’ve promised an article for the last four months….

Point to ponder: Was it me or did the game today remind you of those Plough Lane games against people like Coventry? Wet, dank, dreary. And that was just the opposing team’s kit.

Truth is stranger than fiction: Got told of the kid at Dulwich whose job it was to open/close dustbin lids. Somehow, methinks Chalfont Don wasn’t paying as much attention as he should have….

Anything else? Not really. It really was that dull

So, was it worth it? It certainly was. At least, it certainly was if you find watching paint dry too much for your blood pressure.

In a nutshell: If Shoot were doing their match facts, the entertainment rating would have had a “-” attached to the star rating