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Brom, brom brom

[written by Tintin. I think]

Well Champagne 1 white lightning cider 0.

This game had everything a decent crowd, winter sun, away support and a good ding dong of a game on the pitch. We again played 4-4-2 with the two new signings making their debut’s and Micky Woolner playing in central midfield.

Bromley hassled and harried us early on but we more than matched them and came out on top, helped by their keeper flooring one of his own players who then had to be subsituted after just half an hour played. And so the first half ended with us on top but the score still 0-0.

The 2nd half saw Leon come on for Randall, and he had one of his best games harrying, and even defending when it was called for. And almost sraight away Ursell went on a wizadry (is that a word) run only for the Bromley keeper Andy Walker to make a good save.

With us now forcing all the play we didn’t seem to have our shooting boots on with chances going just wide or just over or straight down the throat of Walker. Then just after the hour mark a hoof up field(sorry a defense splitting long pass) from Andy/Frankie Howard found Richard Butler who had his first shot saved by the legs of Walker only for the rebound to come straight back to him and he didn’t need a second invite to shoot home and send the West Bank mad who had the best surge since the Wallies 3-2 game. A small ammount of Bromley pressure came before the ref blew the whistle to send AFC fans home (or to the bar) happy.

Plus points. A good hard fought battle to 3 points. Both the debutants looked good, with the new keeper very good at communicating with the defense. A good atmosphere and lots of singing more please.

Minus points. Another left back in flash boots, leave this to the strikers and flair players like Urse. Franchise won. I lost my notes when I went on the piss all night for my birthday. And it took me until about 5pm on Sunday to recollect the day and night. [SW19: Never stopped me] Me having player 9 minute 61 and when looking on the OS seeing it said minute 61 and me thinking I had won £100 only for the speakers to be bust from a wayward shot in the warm up and not hearing the announcer say it was the 62nd minute. Note to self buy Roger a new stopwatch.

The referee’s a…. Best I can say is I didn’t really notice him. Less can be said for one of his assistants, who seemd to see everything in the first half as offside and missed their number 4 and Randall having a go at each other in front of him.

Them. Well where do I start great to see a good away crowd but were hell bent on trying to get a reaction from us singing AFC Norbiton and Milton Keynes is wonderful 15 minutes before the game even kicked off, thankfully no one did although when someone made a remark back in the second half apparantly a few of their fans tried to kick off at the Athletics end. [SW19: I’m saying nothing. Although the way they seem to react whenever somebody brings them up on their fans behaviour or their club’s conduct over Coney Hall hits a rather telling raw nerve]

Worth it? Oh yes hopefully this was the confidence booster we needed to kick on a good run and play some decent football. Yes to see the Fake Burberry chavs go off with a sulk, sorry but anyone that thinks its funny to sing about Franchise obviously don’t get football and went home with exactly what they deserved fuck all. And the atmosphere was back to its best more please.

Anything else? Well on going to the Peel in a journalist measure honest, seems quite a few of our fans have a spank fetish egging the girls on to spank their behinds leaving red hand prints on their posteriers? Takes all sorts! Made a mental image of them all so not to stand to close to them at future games.

Finally. Anyone got a spare liver and want to do a deal on a bulk buy of Alka Seltzer? Who needs £100.