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Mole valley mole_afcw1

Purchase Tramadol Visa I suppose it’s that time of the season where championships are won and lost. And had we not scored, then it may have sent our increasingly nervous disposition even more over the edge. As it was, Mole 0 Zit 1 was actually quite comfortable. I am struggling to recall any Molesey shot that remotely troubled us. Come to think of it, I’m not doing a better job thinking of our chances are well

Best Tramadol Online OK, I’m being unfair. We had enough play in the first half to go up that necessary gear. Really think we’re crawling along now, and it’s something plenty of people today commented on. Personally, there’s nothing really more I can add to things other than what I’ve said. We’ll probably win the league now as no team really has the consistency to catch us. We can gather that we’re really only at 70%, and DA has finally confirmed in print that there is a summer shopping list. Guess it’s just a case of seeing the remaining games out and look forward to next season.

As for the goal, probably the only decent bit of football in the match. Ursell crossed into the box, Leon McDowell headed it past the goalie. This is fast sounding like my NLP reports… Anyway..

Order Tramadol Mexico Plus points: We won. Away. Clean sheet. Never really looked like conceding. Minus points: Shite. The referee’s a……: Looked like Sol Campbell’s little brother, if he’d been hit by a lift. Certainly refereed about as well as somebody who’d played head tennis with an Otis. Decided to punish RB for the second week in a row by booking him for diving in the penalty box, despite looking like he’d been poleaxed.

Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex Them: Did you know that Molesey v Tooting and Mitcham was the first game I ever covered professionally? Well, they were a bit more attack minded than today – clearly went for the 0-0 draw. Wouldn’t say they were negative but they had nosebleeds when they crossed the half way line. Decided to get a little bit physical when they went 1-0 down, which led one of our players to briskly stroll 50 yards to confront one of theirs…. If I had a song I’d sing it in the morning: In the first half at least, we were in good voice. Some anti Chelski stuff, plus the now traditional “Molesey till full time”, referring to the home fans’ penchant for watching AFCW and only AFCW games. I’ve done three Molesey games now, and there is usually a distinct lack of vocal support from the home fans. Strange that. Actually, their goalie got it in the neck, though having a large amount of hair product on didn’t help his cause. In fact, “We’ve got Gell, you’ve got grease” was one of the funniest chants I’ve heard in a while. Didn’t stop him having a couple of words with those barracking him. Prick. Oh, and they did a couple of “Milton Keynes” chants, because of course they’re so original and cutting edge…. Point to ponder: Why did today remind me of the CCL? Was it the pitch? The cold? The one tea bar open? mole_afcw2

Order Tramadol Overnight Uk Truth is stranger than fiction: I trust you saw the Wombles Ultras banner. If you didn’t check the photo out above. Now, I’d heard about this but hadn’t seen it myself. And it look a bit like one of those banners that you expect from some extremist Serbian nazi group. All it needs are the words “Srpska radikalna” and an image of Vojislav Seselj* on it and before you know it we’ll all be beating up Kosovans.

Incidentally, why is Mr Crabtree (I think it’s Jonathon Crabtree) immortalised on it? It’s either some in-joke that I’ve clearly missed or he’s leading a secret double life…. * – and before you ask, “Srpska radikalna” stands for Serbian Radical, as in Serbian Radical Party, or “Srpska radikalna stranka”. Vojislav Seselj is their leader. Google the rest. Anything else? Yeah, it was dull. Can’t you tell from this report?

So, was it worth it? Urm…

In a nutshell: Three points. Nothing to see here.