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Fixtures included

There’s something wrong somewhere when the Champions League starts before the Open golf or the first Test. Anyway, further proof that the close season is officially over – the long awaited fixtures are finally out. Check the OS if you don’t already know

As usual with these sort of things, we like to see the first game, the first away game, the last game of the season and what team will be breaking your post-Xmas hangover. So, this season it’ll be Folkestone, Malden Town, Harrow Boro at KM and W&H at home as well.

It’s not a bad start, things will be a lot harder, but the first moneybags team we play will be Billericay in October. By that time, we will have settled down and quite possibly stopped having a go at our new signings because they weren’t scoring 5 goals a game (ref: Richard Butler).

For some reason, a lot of people like the thought of away trips to Margate and Worthing. Dunno why. Anyway, they fall dead in winter so there will now be the sight of a few Wombles trying to find the only amusement arcade/chippy open anywhere. All this while avoiding the wind, rain and dog shit that seems to be in every British coastal resort I’ve ever been in. And some wonder why people go abroad on their hols.

The trips to Essex will raise a few comments. I think my new front page says it all 🙂

Elsewhere, looks like another Easter bank holiday at W&H. No doubt we’ll be treated to their fans doing their impression of Manchester City fans again, trying the big one with MK chants then hiding whenever somebody looks at them, and treating the freak 4-0 result like it was the most important game ever. And expect them to lecture us about loyalty and how they stick by their team. At least, they will if Chelski aren’t on the telly at the same time.

Oh, and my 30th birthday falls on the same day as we’re away to Bromley……

Elsewhere, more goings. Gell and Keith Ward. KW is another one of the old guard being farmed out to pastures new. Well, assistant manager at RP Vile anyway. Sure a couple of Wombles will pop down to Grand Dive and double their attendances. Bit of a shame he’s gone, but as we’re finding out, nobody is indispensable.

Not too sure if I can say the same about Gell going though. Consider this quote from DA on the OS:

“I am very disappointed to hear of a player leaving the club in this way. I had hoped that Chris Gell would be part of the club this season, but it seems clear that we have seen the last of him.”

DA sounds right pissed off, and looking at what has happened, you can see why. If a player doesn’t talk to you but mentions something about “changing personal circumstances” then joins another club without you knowing, I wouldn’t expect an invite to the AFCW Xmas party somehow.

Also, I believe that Gell has already spoken to the local Northwood press, which is a bit on a par with Koppout’s infamous Gnomegate saga, where he told the NOTW about the supposed vandalism but not the police…

We seem to have a habit of players leaving then doing the dirty on us, KC springs to mind. Also, I dunno which ex-player it was gave it out to us when we played away at Whyteleafe last season – must have been a big name as I’ve forgotten who it is – but it looks like player loyalty is another thing to strike off the AFCW Idealism Checklist.

Finally, FCUM sales appear to be going well. A request from anyone who’s going – could somebody who’s taking pics please contact me as per usual? I’d like to see for myself how MU fans cope with standing up legally at games….