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Slough Lane

While there is no unimportant game at this level, there was something especially important about Rebels 0 Royalists 2. You quite possibly haven’t twigged what it is yet, but it’s probably as fundamental as signing Alan Shearer in winning games.

Confused? OK then. Firstly, in this fixture last season we were systematically taken apart. Today that was never likely to happen. Secondly, there was an incident that none of us have experienced for some years : we were 1-0 up in the 89th minute and they got a corner. Seriously, for the first time since probably the first CCL season we played a game up until 90 minutes when we really didn’t know who would come out top.

But lastly, and most importantly, consider this : we were playing away on a tricky surface against very tricky opponents, and we not only weathered the proverbial storm but used a bit of the traditional Arsenil routine. We stung them. Remember how the Gooners used to soak up pressure and then score in the 89th minute? Usually totally against the run of play? And you thought “lucky Arsenal” was a slogan. Well, we now show a real level of resolve that I genuinely didn’t think we had. Certainly not one that has been in evidence for a while. After all, outplaying people like Folkestone is one thing….

OK, perhaps we shouldn’t have won. But imagine us doing Fi$her in the same way. The fact is, we now know this team can grind out results as and when. No, mentioning such things isn’t quite what you want to hear in August. But come November, or February, I bet none of us will complain when the words “smash and grab” is used to describe one of our victories.

Enough pseudo-intellectual analysis. The game? Well, they really had a lot of the possession, probably the majority, and they got into us a couple of times. But in the cold light of day, they didn’t really trouble us as much as they could have done. Our first goal came when whoever it was hit the bar, SS gathered in the box and slotted past their goalie. Which was especially pleasing as I think they had a free kick outside our box just moments before where they right royally fucked it up like complete dildos delivered it without the right quality.

Second half was a bit better from our point of view. We seemed to get going a bit more, certainly. Not too sure if the somewhat *cough* luscious surface was helping. Anyway, they put a bit of pressure on towards the end, leading to the inevitable. Yup, we hoofed delivered a long through ball to Barry Moore who’s header crept in. Didn’t half hit the net in slow motion though…

Needless to say, I spent half the game plane-spotting. But I wrote enough down to come up with…

Plus points: All the plus points that a smash-and-grab away from home can give.

Minus points: Don’t like to see RB go off.

The referee’s a……: Christ, what an annoying piece of horse droppings. Firstly, he turned up late, putting the game 15 minutes later than what it should be. Don’t suppose he realises that we want our results up on Sky’s vidiprinter. Anyway, he then refereed like a complete twot. Fouls not given, given the other way etc. BTW, anyone see that female waiting for one of the officials who looked like a hooker? Presumably, the lino donated his match fee so he could interfere with her play.

Them: Proudly claimed they were the cheapest side to watch in the division (£7). Good turnout of theirs, shame they felt disappointed by the 1200+ crowd. Be interesting to see how attendances shape up this season. Incidentally, anyone see their sub get some abuse, deciding to give some back and got four times as much as before? Stupid prick.

Sing for your supper: Add this to the growing list of reasons why this game was so important. There, in glorious Dolby stereo (?) was the return of “Everywhere We Go”. Last heard as a solemn rallying cry in the dying embers of the last WFC season, before the cancer of MK and Koppout et al ate away at the soul of us all. Now reborn, perhaps not as full a rendition as previously, but one day we’ll get to hear again just how much rubber chickens from a sex shop can cost.

Point to ponder: Craig Carley. Retrograde step or somebody who suffered from TE’s more eccentric decisions?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) How long was that grass today? If Windsor Safari Park was still around, they would have taken some of that playing surface to house their grass snakes. (2) The PA playing some decent music. Or were they just piping through XFM? (3) Quick mention to the happy couple who planned on spending a romantic evening at….. Heathrow Airport. Just hope their meal wasn’t supplied by Gate Gourmet.

Anything else? Yeah. I can’t remember the last time I went to a game and didn’t bother with any other football scores on the radio. I didn’t even know about how Franchise did until about 8pm tonight. OK, the Ashes was holding my attention, but has the football bubble finally burst?

So, was it worth it? Aye

In a nutshell: Bet Staines beat us 3-0 now.