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Month: August 2005

Slough Lane

While there is no unimportant game at this level, there was something especially important about Rebels 0 Royalists 2. You quite possibly haven’t twigged what … Read more

New Maldon

Next time you go to the Football Cliche dictionary, look up “game of two halves” and chances are you’ll see a snapshot of Maldon 0 … Read more

Here we go…

OK, so maybe we won’t get relegated after all (see last week) – as somebody said to me today, obviously the anti-depressants didn’t work for … Read more

Ben Dover

Dank, cold, wet. And that was just the puns that I was being asked to put into my NLP report. Still, Immigrants 0 Asylum Seekers … Read more


There was something distinctly Premiership-esque about Red Devils 5 Blue Nuns 4. Whether it was people moaning about the price of entry/the programmes, playing well … Read more

Court marshall

Today, we were all witnesses to a sporting tussle of magnitude. A battle of wits, hearts, souls and vocal chords. A contest where even concentration … Read more