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Bah hr_afc1 I’m fucked off. Seriously fucked off. No, not in a sort of play shite and get totally thumped way, nor in a can’t enjoy the football because of the club’s off field retardation manner. No, Beavers 2 Beef Curtains 1 fucked me off because right now, I should be writing about a win. I should be writing about probably our best performance of the season. I certainly should be writing about the fact that for probably the first time this season the team and fans seemed to be on the same wavelength.

But I’m not. I’m pissed off because in the record books it will go down as another loss. And it will go down as the most gross misrepresentation of facts since Wimbledon FC’s submission to that 3 man commission. It pisses me off because right now, some Frenzie or W&H non-fan will be beating their tiny little cocks on their keyboards at yet another non-victory. Had we’d won, we would have stuck a perfectly straight middle finger up to everyone else, said “fuck you” with the sufficient amount of swagger and venom and pointed out that we’d beaten the league leaders away with only 10 men. But we didn’t. And not being able to say that fucking hurts. While we’re nowhere near there yet, anyone thinking our season started yesterday isn’t far off the mark. We battled, we looked up for it. Yes, we were the better side. We will play worse than that this season and win. We know where our weaknesses still are – our defence can’t concentrate and we do need another decent striker just to take the pressure off RB and the Kiwi. And I’m still not convinced Harvey should be in an AFCW shirt.

Ambien Order The game? I can’t give justice to our goal, you’ll have to wait until Dons Online comes, er, online for it. But, in pure football cliche mode, it was no more than we deserved. And typically of the season, all our best laid plans went to pot. SB got sent off for some reason, our defence yet again acted as slow as your average local councillor and we lost the advantage. And when you’re playing without quite the level of confidence/luck we need right now, playing with 10 men becomes just that little bit harder. But even so, their second goal was a travesty to the game. And when Daly’s loop over the goalie somehow not go in, you just know it ain’t going to be your day. And was it only me who thought we ran just a little out of steam towards the end? Still…

Plus points: About 80% of the game. Rapport between fans and team seemed genuine. Minus points: Steve Butler’s sending off. Fucking twat. Losing. Giving all and getting diddly squat.

Cheap Generic Zolpidem The referee’s a….: Clearly a Franchise fan and must be proud of his evening’s work. Reportedly, some people went for him afterwards which is wrong and cowardly. After all, he didn’t stop to take his punishment like a man. Is it true that the lino got a slap? Them: Why does the phrase “form is temporary, class is permanent” spring to mind? Utterly jammy and they knew it. It was as though the Home Secretary himself gave them a get-out-of-jail-free card – there was nothing there to suggest that they were likely league winners. Certainly took the level of professionalism at the end to a new level – at least not the level one would expect from a genuine promotion candidate. Off the pitch, they were OK enough, and the PA bloke was helpful, though they did close the gloriously named Beaver Bar “on police advice”. Just as well, as Guinness was £2-90 a pint. Reports some fans of theirs were giving us grief though…

Point to ponder: I’m sure we all agree that we are clicking a lot more and that somebody is about to be systematically taken apart by us. It will happen any game now, perhaps even the next one. A cursory glance at our fixture list tells us that our next league game – at KM no less – is against a certain club who play in black and white and who usually play in Rotherhithe. Now, wouldn’t that be a nice DVD to sell in the club kiosk?

Buy Zolpidem Online Australia Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) When was the last time we got 2000+ in an away game and forced the kickoff back? (2) Some local chavs (as chavvy as you can get for Hampton anyway) deciding to sneak in over the barbed wire fence. True to form, one of them cut his leg on the wire. No idea whether another one caught his bollocks on the wire, although it’s doubtful he would have noticed anything down there. (3) Speaking of Hampton, is it the most poshe place we’ve ever had a game in? It makes Wimbledon Village look like Mitcham. (4) During the game, when it was 1-1, I made a note that it just felt we’d come away with a victory last night. Judging by the reaction afterwards, maybe that wasn’t so far off the mark.

Purchasing Ambien Online hr_afc2 Anything else? Aye. As the picture above shows, some H&R fans decided to “welcome” Harvey by printing out this rather interesting poster on him. This was taken in the bogs, and did cause quite a bit of amusement. Harvey found it quite funny as well, when somebody gave him the poster in the dugout. What I want to know is, isn’t it just a little bit dubious to post a picture of an athletic young male in a public toilet…? For those who can’t read, the text says:

For imitating a “Gangster Rapper” from the “Ghetto” despite being born and raised in Hertfordshire. Dispicable lyrics include “There’s always a snake, Wanna get in my gate”. And “Wanna double my cash, Wanna double my dough”. And accusing opposing fans of being from council estates, despite his own “street” background and repeatedly kicking bins

Order Zolpidem Tartrate Online This of course coming from fans of a club from a part of London where you are considered a pikey if you don’t own two 4x4s and an authentic 1990s Argo cooker

So, was it worth it? If you can forget the result, absolutely

Ambien Online From Canada In a nutshell: Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?