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Staine remover

Few things first. Updates at the moment might be a little on the sporadic side and a bit brief as well. Basically, I’ve been earmarked to do an exam next month (NCTJ teeline shorthand), which is seriously testing my powers to think at the moment (insert wisecrack here), so obviously that will have to take priority. I have honestly no idea whether I’ll be at Ramsgate, and I definitely won’t be at Chelmsford away – I’m going to Cork City v Derry City in the Eircom league championship decider*. So expect a restricted service while vital repairs are carried out.

* – although the EL could be decided by about Saturday in Cork’s favour. Though doubtless most of you lot will be wanting the Apprentice Boys to win.

Mind you, there wasn’t really that much to say about Staines 0 Marks 2 – this was a comprehensive performance from start to finish. I just about caught our goal after 6 minutes (M25 solid, quite a few Wombles got stuck in it, including a few arriving at half time), and really it was a solid game as I’ve seen this season. Genuinely can’t remember a Staines attack, and Sonny Farr’s goal was of course a massive fluke. But then, most shots like that which go in the net are flukes. Nobody ever calls a cross-cum-shot that doesn’t go in the net as “lucky”.

If you want more, you’ll have to make it up yourself. Instead, you’ll have to digest the following…

Plus points: Nobody really putting a foot wrong. Sweeney looking useful (and I refuse point blank to make a reference to a certain TV show. Anyone who says otherwise gets nicked).

Minus points: It pissed down. The traffic.

The referee’s a…..: Dear oh fucking dear. Can I just leave his description at that? Suffice to say, the bloke in front of me had a rather way of talking to the lino….

Them: Dear oh fucking dear again. Are they really ahead of us? Quite simply, if this is how a top team performs, it wouldn’t be so majorly far fetched to suggest that we really could get a playoff berth. And who knows what will happen if/when H&R stop riding their luck. Their #3 was quite lucky to remain on the field having sort of aimed a kick once the whistle had blown. Not at the football, I hasten to add. Oh, and their fans booed RB when he went off. Good of them.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The geriatric Staines fan near me complaining quite a bit about the amount of swearing going on. Senile old cunt. (2) £3 for a cheeseburger, and no the two I had (I was seriously hungry, OK?) were not worth the premium. Strangely enough, I don’t recall the grub being quite so pricey when I did Staines v Brentford this pre-season…

Anything else? Yeah – what a real shame this wasn’t a league game. I’m in two minds about these minor cup competitions : they’re a pain in the arse at this stage, yet if you get to the final they’re worth the effort. Seriously, how many of you would have given a shit last season had we not got to Woking? FWIW, I would have happily lost yesterday if it meant that we won on Saturday. Winning the FAT sounds quite nice on the CV.

So, was it worth it? It was all right, I suppose.

In a nutshell: Staines wiped off.