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Leyton stoned

Surely nothing could have been worse today than enduring Northwest Orient 0 Leyton Orient 0? Oh wait, Franchise won in the FAC and now they’re in the third round. Watch them get a tie against Chelski now. All the lifelong Frenzies will come out to support “their” team, Wankelmann will get his deformed mugshot on the telly and everyone will be jacking off up there proving to themselves just what a good idea it all was and how this sort of thing will be de rigeur in the future. Cunts.

I would suggest that they all contract bird flu, but then they’ll probably get a load of sympathy for getting it. Instead, let’s just pray they get Sheff Weds and lose 3-0 in front of 20 people.

Enough of that. I think this game managed to start off poorly, level off at the middle and the less said about the end the better. I’m going through my notes and I’m struggling to find much of note that didn’t involve the sending off. This was bad. This had all the hallmarks of those Plough Lane era games against somebody like Coventry. It had 0-0 written all over it, and then some.

So what of this sending off? Well, I sort of missed it (I was jotting down stuff), but it appeared that there was a strong tackle, a bit of afters – no real surprise there – then suddenly Gell was seen trudging back with a rather cartoonish huff on his face. Still trying to work out if it was something said, or not, but looks like we weren’t exactly chuffed. Or to quote an SW19 reader, “I’m glad I’m not stewarding today, because I wouldn’t be able to call him a fucking twat”. About the ref, I hasten to add.

Still, it looks increasingly likely that we’ll be plying our trade in this division next season at this rate. And while you wait for that, here’s…

Plus points: Well, we didn’t lose I suppose.

Minus points: 3pm-4.50pm. Gell’s sending off. Barn door/banjo misalignment from our strikers.

The referee’s a…….: Jebem ti sonse. Nasisaj mi se kite. Ne postoyi veche sranye nego ti. Ja ti jebem mamicu. Idi jebi svoga tatu u supak jebeno govno jedno. Da Bog da te majka u cevapu prepoznala. In future, I think I should get this site to write my match reports. Really can’t repeat the phrase I have involving a horse though…

Them: Came to do a job, and did it well. That is, if their employment contract stated that they were to fall down like they’ve been shot at by Iraqi militants. Reportedly a couple of their players gave each other a knowing handshake after Gelly’s sending off. Narky little fucks, and utterly shite with it, which makes the game even more of a frustration. Incidentally, anyone else see their #7 get extremely riled up when somebody from the Main Stand threw a ball at him? Shame it didn’t kick off, would have livened the game up.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The Main Standing singing. Twice. Next, I suppose we’ll be seeing Peter Crouch scoring at least one goal at Anfield. (2) Who the fuck is Wesley Beckles? (3) One of the wannabe AFCW Baby Squad was ejected by two coppers. Enough has been written about the less than exemplary behaviour from a small minority of our fans (and let’s not get too carried away – it IS a small minority), but it does seem clear that the net is closing in a bit on them. Let’s see how much of the floor is wiped with them when they meet the fifth string of Millwall’s top boys…

Anything else? Yeah – why is the DT silent auction offering a family admission ticket to the Chelski museum/tour? Or a Spurz one? Or four tix for a Sahfehnd game?

So, was it worth it? Er…

In a nutshell: Roll on Xmas.