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Month: December 2005


Well, I wasn’t going to do a writeup about Robbers 0 Cops 1, and I’m still not 😉 Having listened to/read some of the post … Read more

Dons Dons Dons

Another game, another match report not by me. Don’t worry, I will be there tomorrow… There was something bewildering about Sprouts 2 Greens 1. At … Read more

Finchley Central

Another welcome match report from the SW19 international media bureau. Incidentally, if you want to join such a highly regarded (?) organisation, please don’t hesitate … Read more

Leyton stoned

Surely nothing could have been worse today than enduring Northwest Orient 0 Leyton Orient 0? Oh wait, Franchise won in the FAC and now they’re … Read more


Yes, I know that it’s two days after we blunted the Darts (sorry), but I did warn you that updates may be a bit more … Read more