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Dons Dons Dons

Another game, another match report not by me. Don’t worry, I will be there tomorrow…

There was something bewildering about Sprouts 2 Greens 1. At 3.45pm the sun was shining in the Meadow of Kings after 2,693 souls had witnessed a thoroughly enjoyable display of attractive football only occasionally seen so far this season. A Butleresque drive from Harvey and a 3-yard tap in from Butler himself (the keeper proving it is the season of good will by spilling the ball onto Rich’s toe) had given us a deserved 2-0 lead and everyone a warm glow. The murmurings on the Tempest Terrace at half time were of how many we would go on to score such was nature of the performance.

Unfortunately, Hendon decided to start playing in the 2nd half and if it wasn’t for the lightning reactions of big Andy Little, the score line could have been quite different.

There was certainly a feeling that for only the 3rd time this season (H&R away and Fi$her at home being the others) that we raised our game. Unfortunately we didn’t do it for the whole 90.

Plus Points: 3 points and revenge for that defeat last season. Chris Gell. Has without doubt added that certain steel in midfield that York failed to provide. Smeltz putting Cooper on his arse. The Christmas Ale was very tasty!

Minus Points: Not getting the 3rd and going onto convincingly thrash them as we should have.

The referee’s a…: With large tattoos on each forearm Mr PT McCaul of St Ives looked like a scouse docker you wouldn’t like to mess with and for 45 minutes he controlled the game with exemplary efficiency. His half time orange must have been soaked in gin because he came out for the 2nd half and completely lost the plot. Why he never sent Cooper off after he attempted to kick Butler over the hoardings and into the tea bar I will never know. 9 out 10 for first half: 1 out of 10 for second half

Them: Pretty average TBH. Cooper got a bit of stick (rightly so), Campbell didn’t play and Crace came on late so that will give you an indication of the quality (sic) in their squad. We made them look better than they were.

Truth is stranger than fiction: I wondered what Frank Bough was up to these days; running the line in the RPL. Is it me or do you get the feeling that our more vocal supporters have become less inventive when it comes to songs/ chants. Last year the banter at the Dover and Hastings away games in particular were hilarious. We must have some budding lyricists amongst our fan base?

So was it worth it?: The first half was. Could have had an extra hour in the bar

In a nutshell: Pistachios!