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Dr Albans

Buy Real Tramadol Online It’s practically 24 hours after the event, and I’m not quite sure how to approach Dr Alban 2 St Alban 3. Part of me is very pissed off, because up until Barry Moore’s well taken goal (sic), we were wiping our cocks over them. Seriously. We needed the early goal in the second half, we got it – and as anyone who reads today’s NLP will know, I still don’t think it’s a penalty (although the truth was, I could barely see whether it was in or out) and for a moment, we stepped back into the Plough Lane era of giantkilling.

Part of me feels relieved. At least I won’t have to make a mad dash on Tuesday from Hounslow to St Albans. And besides, we can concentrate on the league.

Order Tramadol Online Overnight Cod But the main part of me is feeling something I haven’t felt for ages with this club : confidence. We have now proven to ourselves that we can hold our own in the Conference South. Apart from their attack and our very makeshift defence, there was hardly any difference between us and them. They certainly didn’t show the nous that Thurrock showed against us – perhaps we’re a lot better than we give ourselves credit for? If we’re being honest, you can file this season under “disappointing”. Unless you’re basing it on the W&H debacle, when “rancid llama spunk” would be a more accurate description. Quite simply, we haven’t got going. For ever H&R/Fisher match, there’s an ETU, or a Worthing. Or a Leyton. It’s as though we’ve been in a rut, and have lost a lot of our self-belief that we can get into the playoffs. Yesterday, you could sense that apprehension had been lifted.

Tramadol To Buy Uk I’ve said recently that we needed a big game more than ever. While yesterday wasn’t quite the massive Aldershot-esque fixture we all wanted, it may have done us a favour. We shouldn’t be in the RP (says he requiring Pickfords to move his extremely large genitalia). Yesterday proved that to me more than ever – perhaps more importantly, it proved it to our squad. Fed up of the positivity yet? Good…

Online Tramadol Cod Plus points: Battled like fuck. Coming back after conceding. RB. Proving we can mix it with higher placed teams. Minus points: We lost. Barry Moore’s defensive clearances. Michael Harvey’s attempts to get sent off (see below) The referee’s a….: OK then. What sexual acts do you think she performs to be allowed on the refereeing register? You may select any three from spitting, swallowing, DP, gangbang, lesbian, bukkake, usage of rope, whips or chains. Quite simply the worst excuse ever for a refereeing performance, rivalling only that of Mr Fish (G&G) and the guy who did our 3-0 defeat at Bradford in the Prem. Typical PE teacher type individual, reportedly quite rude to people before the game. Incidentally, I have nothing against female referees. It’s just that they have a habit of tripping over their pinnies.

Them: Usual “let’s sing loads of MK songs because we’re so clever” type rubbish. Surprised they didn’t do any “easy” chants. Rumours abounded that some of them were going to unveil a pro-MK banner – bit of a shame they didn’t, as the stewards were really looking forward to removing it. Their team wasn’t quite so small time though, their striker deservedly got MoM, and does show exactly what we need. Not too sure about their defence though.

Tramadol Online Canada Point to ponder: Michael Harvey. I know he has some supporters about, but am I the only person who hopes this jumped up McDonalds cleaner fucks off ASAP? His play may have improved a little bit recently, but at times yesterday he was a serious liability. Even though she was a complete bitch, snarling at the referee is one thing (and spitting at her afterwards is very clever). Snarling at opposition players when you’re on a yellow is another. And so is snarling at your own players when they fail to make a pass to you. No wonder he got arrested for assaulting that copper. Yes, we know that he (allegedly) got racially abused yesterday. But as somebody high up tellingly put it afterwards, it’s funny how it only seems to happen to Harvey……

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) I’m sure there was more than 1900 there. Either somebody at the matchday takings department can’t count or our capacity is a lot smaller than 4500. There’s probably an explanation for this, but it doesn’t stop people getting suspicious. (2) Aren’t those new AFCW wooly gloves just like the old ones you got at PL? (3) Witnessing a well known Womble have a, cough, discussion with two members of the St Albans board during the game. Honestly, how can we expect kids to behave at games when the adults don’t? 😉 (4) An SW19 reader revealing that they had a winning Golden Goal ticket – player 9, minute 25. There was one problem – they found out the ticket was bought at the Wealdstone game……

Anything else? Didn’t get to sample it, but I hear that the tea has now gone up to £1. Not 60p, not even 70p, but one of your English pounds. I have no idea who’s idea it was – the caterers or AFCW – but it’s a surefire way to piss people off. So you get a slightly bigger cup and a bit more water. Well, excuse me for being somewhat ungrateful, but the tea isn’t that good. It is only worth 50p at best, and you only tend to drink it when you’re cold and thirsty. What’s the betting that people will sneak off to Fatboys for their half time cuppa? Cue slightly patronising “it’s our club” type comments.

It’s all very well trying to justify it by saying that 20% goes to the club, but if you’re making prices prohibitive, you ain’t going to get the money anyway. I’ll only buy tea now if I’m really gasping, so in essence the club have lost revenue already. Unfortunately, it does seem to be an increasing trend at AFCW to put prices up and ignore the quality. Witness ticket prices and the programme. We should bear this in mind next time AFCW accuses other teams of being greedy at our expense…

So, was it worth it? It will be if it means we go on a 20 game unbeaten run.

In a nutshell: Bet we play shit on Boxing Day.