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Royal suckers

If I’m being honest, I really can’t be arsed to do a proper report on Republicans 1 Royals 1. Something really didn’t feel right yesterday. Christ, Dwayne Plummer was the best player on the pitch…

While I accept that the publicity is good, I’m not sure if cultivating Sucker AM is such a good idea. There was an element of media circus yesterday that doesn’t suit us. How many times in the past have we built up something only for it to fall flat? Wallingford away in the first season springs to mind, and there was a definite “was that it?” about yesterday.

Admittedly, I won’t miss the hangers on that we saw yesterday. Their money is nice, but you can’t help thinking they were there to watch two players instead of the team. Plus the fact that you couldn’t see half the time (I still don’t think that KM can cope with over 3500 people in it – if not for safety then certainly for comfort).

Actually, games at KM really do seem to suck. Compared to away games, certainly. This was one of my first Saturday games as a fan at der Volkstadion for a while, and it just felt surly. Or was that the weather? In the press box, you do have to concentrate on proceedings a lot more, so you don’t really get the vibe outside. Standing inbetween the MS and the Tempest, you can see the gloom clouds.

It’s not like we haven’t been here before this season. The reactions after W&H in the FA Cup were similar, though back then we did have the ready made excuse reason that the hAE wasn’t open which was affecting us. It’s now open, and well used, so why the reverting to type?

The game being shite doesn’t really bother me as such. These things happen, and it’s not like we’ve never seen shite games before (Coventry at PL/SP spring to mind). I know that perhaps the team should play better to get the crowd going, though I think it’s a bit of a two way thing. And let’s face it, we’ve never been a Portsmouth at the best of times.

Some of the reactions to DA yesterday disturb me. I’ve just written (and subsequently deleted) a whole load of stuff on why wanting his head is a bad idea. The calls for him to go are mostly out of kneejerkism and frustration, I hope. After all they’re not exactly vocal when we have a good result. Strange that.

But when you think about it, we’re still in with a shout of the playoffs. We’re inconsistent, but nothing drastically wrong. We’re certainly not fighting relegation. Many of our points dropped this season have been down to little lapses. Basically, calling for DA’s head right now stinks of grass-is-greener syndrome*. The same syndrome that has crippled Manchester City for the last 30 years (and like us, they’ve got a big fanbase and lots of “potential”).

* – for the unintiated, it’s the attitude that if we don’t win a couple of games, then everything is wrong and only a new manager can sort it. Usually found in supporters of severely underachieving clubs. Not to be confused with Divine Right Syndrome, although some of our fans suffer from that as well.

If there’s time for a managerial review, it’s this time next year. By that stage we should be far more settled, and we should have the measure of how to beat the likes of W&E and Margate. If we haven’t, then DA has failed. That’s football. Being in the RP next season will not hurt this club. Creating a poisoned chalice will….

Granted, I’d prefer it if DA could show a bit more patience at times (then again, very few of our fans seem to show it either), and just settle on one or two styles of play. But overall we’re in a far stronger position than we were last season. And if we decided to treat this season as the “transitional” one that we all knew it would be, there would be far less misery about.

There were, believe it or not, a couple of positives. The main one being that Lovejism was apparently ignored by everyone when he arrived (Ms Chamberlain got the five-star treatment).

And Franchise lost 5-0…