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Well, there’s a surprise. After the nadir wrist-slitting that manifested after our last two games at KM, we go to Fi$her and whip their arses into obedience. A wonder goal by Wes Daly, and even praise for Dwayne Plummer. Will he be the new RB?

Strange thing is, as far as weeks go in AFCWland, this has been pretty lousy. We had the aftermath of the draw against W&E, where people’s prejudices finally came out in the open. Presumably, nooses will be tightened in the event that we get promoted this season. Either that or bedrooms in north Surrey will vibrate with the tones of a manaical sounding “hendoncunthendoncunthendoncunt” 24 hours a day. Perhaps the club shop kiosk could do a nice post-season line in straightjackets?

Then, we found out that the not-very-much-maligned Richard Butler finally had to go under the knife. He’s out for six weeks or so, which means that he should make his comeback at the playoff final. As a spectator, of course. His injury was described as “gilmore’s groin”, which I thought was a Deep Purple tribute band. Although he’d been struggling for a while – he was on painkillers for Folkestone, which explains why he didn’t come on – it all came rather quickly. And all this with the worst bit of timing since Yugotours put out their 1991 brochure.

To cap it all off, Harvey went. No, this in itself wasn’t a problem, but not for the first time his departure left a sour taste in the mouth. On the OS, he was full of praise for us. In an (unbroadcast) interview, he was less content, even suggesting people were having a go at his missus. I don’t doubt the guy is a nice bloke etc, but something didn’t feel right when he was with us. Whether it was the meeja circus that followed us about with him I don’t know, but the Sucker AM thing last week made us feel like a sideshow.

So, as you can imagine, we were expecting doom, gloom and free razor blades at our next KM game. I wasn’t at the game, but from all accounts this was canine reproductive organs. The passing was good, the belief and desire was there, we were a team.

This appears to be a bit of the old style siege mentality coming out. While results this season showed that we’ve drawn far too many games, the performances improve when we’re on a downer. Heybridge Swifts spring to mind, and how H&R got away with beating us I still don’t know.

All this eulogising means jack shit if we don’t pick up points where we should. I’m not expecting much from Braintree next week TBH, although I still don’t think they’re that far ahead of us. But I am expecting us to sort out Margate and Chelmsford.

Thankfully, we have more away games than home ones left, and it’s the toxic atmosphere at KM that could scupper things. If anything, we need a good arse kicking of a lowly side at KM to show we’re serious. It’s a cliche, but things are really in our hands right now….

One final thing, isn’t this more exciting than being a zillion points clear in a pub league?