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And so it continues…

Yes, I know I haven’t written up ETU from Tuesday. Basically, I’ve been firing off emails left, right and centre to various parts of the world. I’ve had one rejection so far from FourFourTwo, got another couple in the pipeline (ideas, not rejections. Not yet anyway), and been in initial contact with World Soccer. Although their website is shit. So at least you can’t accuse me of being lazy for once 😉

Very quick ETU report : we won 4-0. Shite first half. Gave them an arsewhipping in the second half so severe that if filmed it would be stored under the counter at one of those strange shops in Germany with “erotik” on them. Whatever they are, I’ve never been in one. Their keeper looked like David James and handled like him. Goddard is good, so is Steve Ferguson. We’re now three points or so away from top spot, which almost certainly means we’ll lose to the posh pikeys at Tonbridge on Saturday.

Right, onto everyone’s favourite subject : the brutal harrassment and victimisation by the authorities on AFCW, also known as the IC saga. To be honest, I’m not going to write much more after today on this, because there won’t be much more to say until after Wednesday.

As I write this, the acting CEO has asked for many an example of how other clubs in similar situations have had fines and no more than three points deducted. And boy, has he got plenty to wade through (don’t send him any more unless you really haven’t seen it anywhere else).

Legally, all the examples given – and they are many and varied – should stand up in our favour. One club in Wales had practically the same problem as us and yet only got a fine. That should be the end of the story – some dosh out of the kitty, maybe a couple of points deducted if you’re unlucky but no more.

The trouble is, I still fear the worst for Wednesday. Why? One word : Altrincham. By AFCW’s own words last Thursday, the FA are “cracking down” on any and all minor incidences. It’s obvious why they do it, and I’m not going to let them give me a stroke in explaining why. And where the FA leads (cough), the leagues follow.

I’m not too sure of the age of these examples, but I seriously hope they weren’t used by the authorities in the Alty case to justify their points deduction. Previous punishments too lenient, dear boy. If they’re seeing three point deductions as a maximum, why weren’t Alty just deducted the same? I don’t know the real ins/outs of that particular saga, but either Alty presented their case appalingly and gave themselves no chance, or they were the first to be “made an example of”. For our sakes, I hope it’s the former.

Obviously, unless we just got a fine and (at worst) 3 points, it will continue waaaaaay after Wednesday. I would certainly accept that punishment as a good result, it’s after all what we should get. Let’s face it, it’s not as though we’re even trying to pretend we didn’t make a mistake. Mind you, it would be highly ironic if we were to get the full whack taken off if we were top of the table for the first time this season.

One final thing : everything from now until Wednesday is idle speculation, which is why I’ll stop writing about it here unless something new crops up. We don’t even know what the setup will be for the hearing, except all we know is that the Ryman’s people will be “independent”. Which might stop the paranoid rumour that other clubs are putting “pressure” on the Ryman to kill us. They’d never do that, would they? But if the hearing featured 90 year old dribbling old farts clutching well thumbed rulebooks, gleeful Ks fans doing “Easy” chants over our carcasses and a naked Peter Wanklemann, it may be difficult to raise an eyebrow….