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Ton of shit

As soon-to-be-Black Wednesday approaches, I did try mentioning it to a minimum. But after reading this, and the NLP today (which really laid into the way we’ve been shafted), it’s impossible to ignore it. And indeed DA’s comments on the OS speak volumes.

“We’ve got a lot of players who need some recovery time so we can nurse them through to next Saturday when we will be playing what really ought to be a top of the table clash, Ryman League willing, against Bromley.”

So here goes, for the last time until the decision (hopefully). We will have 18 points deducted on Wednesday because I have no faith whatsoever in the Ryman to do the sensible thing. That Informer link above says all you need to know (and unlike some I think the source has a bit of credibility. And no, I don’t know who it is).

The more I read the rules, the more they have nailed themselves down over it. They will be so tied to officialdom that they will effectively leave themselves open to having their arses kicked. An appeal is almost inevitable and the last thing the Ryman need is a costly set of comebacks to slice through their own draconian rules.

By the sounds of it, we can get the CAS onto them as well as the FA (in fact, FIFA are rather keen on the CAS – they’re bound under Swiss law and have the authority to over-rule individual leagues and associations, which effectively keeps sport out of the courtroom). All assuming it gets that far – I don’t believe there aren’t other avenues open as well if we can’t get a trip to Switzerland out of it. I think our QC knows what he’s doing.

This weekend was the opening shots in the propaganda war. Firstly, the Informer piece was a Ryman League source coming out fighting, and basically showing the league’s hand. Either somebody was speaking out of turn, or the Ryman have effectively prejudiced themselves in the process. And you wonder why I have no faith in Wednesday. Still, thanks for the advance warning.

The Daily Mail mentioned it on Saturday, in a column well known for its influence (not taking the piss either). Then the NLP got involved. Front page news, leader article, letters and even the Alty chairman on our side. Shame about their goalie though, miserable git. The Ryman bods may not read the other two papers, but they’d certainly pick up the NLP. Wonder what they’re thinking right now? Knowing our luck, they’re probably enjoying the notoriety.

So, where do we stand right now? More importantly, where will we stand on Wednesday? We’ll find out in due course, but I fully expect to be writing much more on this in the near future.

It’s a shame that I’ve had to start with that over Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells 1 Annoyed of Morden 3, but it’s typical that our collective minds are elsewhere. It might be hugely symbolic that the first half performance was the best opening 45 minutes this season. When even the short corners looked semi-decent, you knew it was going to be something.

It didn’t start off too well when I saw Rosco….E walking back to his car. He didn’t play for precautionary measures (he’s got the dreaded lurgy, bit like what the editor is starting to come down with right now), but ultimately it didn’t matter.

Truth be told, I hardly wrote notes as I wasn’t really paying attention (I was more interested in checking my phone’s battery power as I had to work afterwards), so this is all from memory.

Here goes…

Plus points: We won. Well. Away from home. The first 45 minutes. Most of the second 45 minutes. Crossing sublime. Fergie getting first goal. Looking like a team finally…

Minus points: Should have been more. Their penalty.

The referee’s a……: Actually, he weren’t too bad. He gave us a few free kicks anyway.

Them: Did this lot really take us to the wire on the previous two games? They were complete horse cack defensively, and looked pretty shellshocked at the end of it. A couple of their fans seemed quite disapproving of us, obviously the stereotypes of people from that part of the world aren’t entirely untrue. Bet they wrote complaining letters to the Daily Express afterwards about declining moral standards. Couple of predictable chants from their support, you know the one. Usual non-plussed reaction from us. Hint : best keep quiet and be thought of as a fool, etc. Still, they’re going to be giddy with excitement come Wednesday..

Point to ponder: OK, we’re clicking into gear just as soon as the Ryman are about to slit our throats. Why? I wonder if it’s because after Wednesday we’ll have the biggest point to prove anywhere in the country? Consider the stats : we’ll be 17 points off the playoffs, with a maximum of 45 to get. We won’t get the 45 of course, but we would really, really have to aim for that last playoff spot. And could we do it? Depends on how we react – we responded by getting out of the FAT by two hammerings. This team looks hungry and more to the point it’s annoyed………

Truth is stranger than fiction: TA’s golden goal seller. I would comment further but I value my bollocks.

Anything else? Yeah. How much do you think I could get down the bookies on G&N winning the FA Trophy?

So, was it worth it? Yeah, in a “this is how it could have been” manner.

In a nutshell: I’ll be glad when Wednesday is over.