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Sham 18

I suppose there had to be a time when with everything that has happened to us in the last month, when it would all catch up with us. The momentum we had built up, with 6 (?) straight wins was always going to slow down soon. I suppose that after Horns 1 Dicks 1 we’ve got a point. What that will do to us now I don’t know, but today did give us a little slap, a little reminder that all is certainly not in our favour – certainly on the pitch. At least, I wrote all that in my mind before I found out we were top.

Buy Ambien In Mexico No, I didn’t believe it myself when I read it. This wasn’t our best game at all, in many ways it was the worst since Staines away on Boxing Day. Certainly the worst since Worthing, where this did have an all-too-familiar feel. OK, we didn’t have half the players we would normally have had, and it was our own fault we only drew. But it’s typical that we reach the top spot without a barnstorming performance. Needless to say, you-know-who are planning to do you-know-what. Enjoy being top before they make it illegal. As for those who aim to do us ill? I get the feeling they’re all in a sealed mid-Essex bunker right now, getting faint analogue signals from Corporals Binky and Smudger over the Plessey that we’re top. Sensing panic and outrage, Lt Turvey issues his men with strict instructions not to fall for any propaganda exercises from the enemy. This includes not reading any enemy communication devices, to refuse all printed media covering the story and to immediately burn all communications from J Sturman QC. One has a duty before God to protect ones country, ones Monarch and most importantly, ones battle-scarred rulebook bible. In response, night-time operations commence at 2300 hours GMT to “rationalise” destroying the enemy’s warchest by use of wartime approved coded messages, such as “international clearance” and “6.1”. All to be agreed by Sgt N Robinson in writing and passed to CHQ at a secret Central London location, after which a cup of Suchards before retiring for the night with sweetheart Vera Lynn. Probably.

Zolpidem Online Prescription Of course, things have taken a curious twist in the last 48 hours. As far back as Wednesday, the Surrey FA website hadn’t put the Egham game up on the fixtures, but were due to meet that evening to discuss us in the SSC. No announcement was made, though interestingly enough the fixture popped its merry head up on Thursday. Well, guess what – the game is now postponed. Hmm, hmm and hmm again. Funny how the link said that it was decided on Wednesday and yet the Surrey FA website still put it up. Has the Surrey FA been leant on? Was it an admin error? If so, surely the Surrey FA’s webmaster should be fined £500 and have 180 points deducted from their Nectar card. Hey, if we can get stung…….

Ambien Forum Buy It’s quite interesting how people were reacting today to it, it’s a feeling that the worst is now over. Deep down, we all know that the FA/RP can’t take any more points away from us, at least not without us throwing a court order at them. Today was a lull, both on and off the pitch – things seemed to catch up with us finally. Passes were going astray, moves just weren’t coming off. The spark from the last six games just didn’t, er, spark. I only made limited notes (technical difficulties) but what I wrote down wasn’t good. But then, it’s summed us up right now. We play poorly and we end up in first place. Just the same as we got thrown out of the FAT and then stuffed Chelmsford 3-0. Maybe this is an omen? This may be bullishness on my part, but deep down I believe that a twist will come that will finally work in our favour. We can’t keep losing to the authorities. We deserve a little bit of luck and justice in this whole saga. And maybe with this story sniffing around the FA’s trousers, and the resulting fallout from that, we might just get it….

Buy Ambien Cr 12.5 Mg The game? Forgettable. Instead, here’s….

Plus points: We didn’t lose.

Minus points: We didn’t win. Too many injuries.

The referee’s a……..: Quite a few people presumed he was Polish, on the basis that he had a dodgy haircut and a distinctly Eastern European accent. Assuming he is, I would therefore like to say the following to him: Ty kaflaro zajebana. Narkomanie pierdolony ty. Zona syfilisem cie obdazyla, ty palancie. Matkojebca. After his performance, I’m sure these are sentiments we all agree with.

Them: The Lards were out, vocal as usual. Their team weren’t all that, although they were good at the right time unfortunately. Always the worst thing when you can see a goal coming a mile off yet don’t do anything about it. Interesting to read in their local paper that they’ve got to leave their ground in 2008 as it’s been sold for housing, yet even with this a deal hasn’t yet been done to move in elsewhere…..

Point to ponder: If this result had happened about 3/4 months ago, would the post-game reaction have been the same?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The odd sight of Haydon, the Horsham Horn and that bloody dog mascot. How many more times will the artificially haired hound going to turn up to our games? Is the mutt Tintin’s mate? (2) Steve Wales scoring, and Luke Garrard’s rather increduous look afterwards….

Anything else? Not really. But it does look like current events have penetrated towards the upper scale of British football. Check out the first paragraph……

So, was it worth it? Urm…

In a nutshell: Thank christ Egham is off.