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Bowl full of Slurrey

I suppose this is what it feels like to be an orthodox jew in Saudi Arabia. Not content with chucking us out of the FAT, and taking 18 points away from us in the process, the pricks-that-be have decreed we’re now out of the Surrey Senior Cup as well.

OK, compared to the other two punishments, this one isn’t so devastating. Nobody really gives a shit about the tournament until the final anyway. It’s not a matter of life, death or season-breaking. But it just adds to the very real feeling of victimisation that I guess the vast majority of fans are feeling right now.

It’s not as though us getting chucked out of this one was straightforward either. Remember what I wrote a mere two days ago:

Of course, things have taken a curious twist in the last 48 hours. As far back as Wednesday, the Surrey FA website hadn’t put the Egham game up on the fixtures, but were due to meet that evening to discuss us in the SSC. No announcement was made, though interestingly enough the fixture popped its merry head up on Thursday. Well, guess what – the game is now postponed. Hmm, hmm and hmm again. Funny how the link said that it was decided on Wednesday and yet the Surrey FA website still put it up.

Fast forward to today and instead of waiting for the game to be rearranged, we’re now out. So the SFA tell Egham Town one thing and us another. Even if it was in error, it stinks like shit. Why has it taken so long from the time the meeting was held until us finding out officially? Did the carrier pigeon get lost around Esher or something? How come Egham got a nice email and we didn’t? Or if we did, why wasn’t it published on our OS?

Effectively, we’ve been officially told that we’re out of a competition the day before we were due to play the next round. Out of the three punishments, this is by far the most appalingly handled of the lot. This is the insult to injury.

Know what really winds me up? It’s not the fact that yet again, we can’t appeal. That is just a legal challenge away, and the sooner that’s altered the better. It’s the fact that not only did the Surrey FA keep us waiting for so long, and gave two different responses to the two sides, but the fact that they called us AFC Wimbledon F.C. How fucking disrespectful is that? No doubt those blazered old farts will be the first one to come out with the words “courtesy” and “respect” and yet show absolutely zero in return. We’re in charge, dear boy, and don’t forget it.

No doubt they’ll call it an administative error that was unintentional. Well guess what – that’s why we’ve been strung up by the balls. Whenever we make a mistake, we get hung, drawn and quartered. Whenever the FA or whoever make a mistake, they hide behind extremely dubious rules like not being able to appeal, or somehow avoiding lawcourts. Clubs are the ones who give the officials the jobs in the first place, and are always the ones to get the brunt no matter how badly the rules are specified. Meanwhile, the officials smugly sit there knowing damn well they’re untouchable, just like a French monarch.

I daren’t risk a stroke writing any more about the FA and the way they conduct themselves. All I’ll say is this : many of them are bound to be the sort who reminisce about World War Two. The way they act, it’s clear some of them back then were fighting for the wrong side.

Anyway, I presume we’re sending our appeal off today, hopefully it won’t get lost in the post. I’m not hopeful about getting any sort of realistic punishment now, the authorities just can’t be trusted over this. Before, I was in two minds about taking this to court if need be. After today, I cannot see any other way we can change a draconian, biased and perhaps even undemocratic governing body….