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Callum Willnotock

Ah well, looks like we’ve missed out on Callum Willock then. From the OS:

Earlier this afternoon, Terry Brown announced that Calum Willock will not be joining the club.

“I went through our position with Erik Samuelson this morning to look at the finances of the deal. Understandably, Calum is keen to sort out a club for the entire season and at this stage we were unable to offer him the security and commitment he was looking for.

“No-one has made unreasonable demands and Calum has acted in a thoroughly professional way throughout. We will continue to look for ways to strengthen the team.”

Bit of a shame, really, but them’s the breaks.

The funny thing is, I had a slight feeling that this wasn’t going to go through. Dunno why I felt it, I suppose it was because TB was going to be looking at the budget with Erik and we’ve been doing a lot of spending already.

Willock had been on big wages with Stevenage last season, apparently, so I expect that forced our hand as much as anything. As good as Willock was over the last couple of games, it was clearly a fee too far. What it does show is that in the future we’ll need to pay more wages than we do at the moment. The days where we could cherrypick the rest of the division for peanuts is long gone – at some point within the next couple of years whatever Willock was after will be the lowest paid of the squad.

Don’t believe me? York signed Michael Gash this week for £55k.

So, now what? Well, hints of a backup are already being, er, hinted at. One Simon Thomas, of Crystal Palace, for starters. I think two things are likely to happen here. Firstly, the type of players we really want will be at least one year away, probably nearer two if you factor in wages. Don’t forget, AFCW has yet to even kick a ball in a Conference game. We may have been here before, but at the same time we haven’t, if that makes sense.

Secondly, it makes me wonder whether the likes of Willock, Cort (now released from Wycombe) etc are going to have to end their careers prematurely? Unless they’re prepared to give up their current wage demands (and presumably, comfortable lifestyles that are paid by such inflated figures) that is. We talk about clubs being unsubstainable, but what of the players/agents themselves?

IMO Willock will probably end up without a club this season – after all, if he’s getting released from Stevenage due to wage demands, and we won’t take him on because of them, where else is he realistically going to go?

Man Citeh?