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John Craven

Just a quicky on last night’s game against a Fulham bunch of reserves and odd triallist Developmental Side.

A bit like last season, we started to look a bit more like the side that will start the first game of the season. While I can’t help but think we need another PSF before then, at least it shows that with each game we’re getting better.

People seemed impressed by Steven Gregory, although perhaps not so much by Ricky Wellard. It’s still pre-season etc etc though, so maybe I’m being harsh. Pullen was certainly good though. Kind of felt sorry for Seb Brown right at the end, a last second fumble gave the 2-1 scoreline a little bit of a scuffmark.

It looks like we’re about to offer a deal to Callum Willock, which will if nothing else give some competition to DK or possibly JM. I get the feeling should Willock join us we’ll be using him a lot more than we think, especially at places like Histon or Grays. A comment was made to me last night that even against Fulham’s stiffs Jon Main was getting knocked off the ball a bit too much. Yes, it’s pre season etc etc etc but it’s a bit worrying to see that, even if he did bulk himself up over the summer.

As for Fulham, they’re obviously not going to put out any first teamers considering they’re in the Europa Cup on Thursday. I do wonder sometimes what level these XI Developmental sides are though – you expect them to be quite good and of a similar level to what we come across in the BSP. Thing was, once we settled down I didn’t think much of them. Lest we forget too that Corrin-Brooks Meade came from Fulham. And the very fact that I have to remind you of who he was proves my point.

That said though, there might be another reason why we play these sorts of outfits. At some point next season, we’ll need a loanee. If we’re developing a good working relationship with Fulham, they’d be a place to borrow some youngsters (think some of the better ones like Luis Cumbers was for Gills). OK, we also played against the Swiss national keeper, which I’m not too sure says more about Switzerland’s standard of shotstopper or Fulham’s

Oh, and Roy Hodgson was there last night…