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It seems a bit of a shame that I managed to miss the Oxford game yesterday (report below supplied by Baskers, which I haven’t read before I’ve typed any of this out), as unusually for a loss everyone seemed pretty upbeat and positive.

The impression I get is that it was a bit like the Luton game, only Oxford are a better side. I expect them to be in League 2 next season. Not for the first time, we sounded a bit over-awed and maybe gave them too much respect in the opening half. Though during a quick check during the game on the BBC live text updates, it was pretty galling to hear/read that poor Mr Tantastic had put through our own net. Mind you, that’s nothing compared to how I felt reading about DK’s penalty miss…

Seems that Oxford are about two years ahead of where we ultimately want/need to be. By all accounts, they were strong, sharp and – in continuing one of SW19’s favourite themes – they had that nouse we didn’t have. Think of all them years ago when we played Furruk in the FAC, and then compare to our games against them last season.

At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, we’ll learn how to deal with the “big” ex-League clubs. If truth be told, plenty were expecting a 3-0 gubbing this time yesterday. Maybe it should have been one in the end, but our last half hour proves we do (eventually) lose the fear factor against the Oxfords and Lutons.

Though we will go 3-0 down after 20 odd minutes against one of them this season. How we learn from that is anyones guess. But I suppose we’ve already learnt more about ourselves in the last 24 hours. We’ve learnt how to take a defeat like this on the chin – our support has anyway. We’ve also learnt that our strikers may only get opportunity to score now, and they have to take it. Not should take it, or maybe take it – actually put it in the back of the net.

Just imagine how things might have been different this morning had DK put that penalty away.

Anyway, it’s Grays tomorrow, which wouldn’t be a bad time to put yesterday behind us. Though who knows how our patience will keep up if we lose again…

Before I go onto the report below, an interesting development I found out at Brentford yesterday. Especially poignant when you consider that something will need to be done short-to-mid term about KM (let alone long-term plans), and even down to whether we decide a Gash-like striker for this or next season. You know, actual problems which we will most certainly face in the very near future, if we’re not already.

I could write a whole article on this, but it’s nothing I wouldn’t have said already. Even if at times I think there’s an elephant in the room about the whole issue of funding/control at AFCW. One thing is certainly intriguing though, is how many clubs and supporters trusts seem rather willing and enthusiastic about selling up. Notts County, Wycombe, Stockport and now Brentford. Hmm.

Also, Brentford’s attendance yesterday was 5125, while we had 4304. Hmm again.

Anyway, I now give control of this website for now to Baskers. Though without the £5m in my pocket…

Calves 0 – 1 Bulls

Well, it’s been many a month since REPD decided to be foolish enough to let me attempt to write a match report, but the time is upon us.

After a night’s reflection on yesterday’s result, I’m not that pissed off about it. We narrowly lost against a high spending, full-time, ex-league outfit that will be getting close to 7,000 at their stadium this season – not a disgrace by any stretch of the imagination…. Surely that’s a good sign?

We currently sit 7th in the table after yesterday’s results… I think the next three games will give us a better indication of where our season is going and how the table might look come next April. I know our fans are starting to sound borderline evangelical and brainwashed, but we have a very young squad that is learning and can only get better – I mean, we signed Ross Montague who was born in the late 80’s…

Actually, I’m a bit pissed off with Terry, because for the first time in my life, he’s making me feel old… There’s not many of the squad that are older than me! Still beats a team of geriatric mercenaries…

Anyway, let me try and put some semi-cohesive text together for you to mull over:

Oxford are clearly a good side, but from all the games I’ve season this season, they are definitely the most cynical and thuggish bunch I have seen. Think Eastleigh with a little more ball control and pace, and you’ve got it.

Their squad consisted of 10 skin heads and their goalie. Their number 9 (Cuntstubble) went to ground on every attack, won lots of dangerous free kicks but did not much else… Reminded me of a poor-man’s Drogba. Their number 8, and captain, Adam Murray was immense… At one stage I thought they had two Adam Murrays as he was borderline omnipresent on the pitch – would love us to have a midfielder like that.

Their thuggish tactics came to the sum of four yellow cards – of which one should have been a red. Kevin Sandwidth making a scandalous tackle on Lewis Taylor, resulting in our Dons man being taken off looking rather battered. Shortly after this horrendous challenge we were awarded a rather dubious penalty that Kedwell had saved… from that you just knew it wasn’t going to be our day.

The fact that almost half of Oxford’s outfield players received cautions says a lot about their way… If I’m not mistaken, only last Saturday they had a very bad-tempered affair with Stevenage. Are they this year’s Richmond? Hmmmm.

Having seen both them and Luton at KM, I can confidently say that Luton are the better footballing side, however, is that enough to get them out of this league? The fact that their fans are calling for Mick Hardford’s head after 6 games, undefeated and third in the table beggars belief…

Plus Points: Ricky Wellard – should have come on earlier. The ball seems to stick to his feet – can play a delightful pass and is always in the right position. Could he start on Monday Vs Grays? Fourth penalty in 6 games and third in three at KM… Is the Tempest End our Kop End?

Minus Points: The Jay Conroy own goal – gutting. The missed penalty – gutting. The fact that their skid mark of a player Sandwidth stayed on the pitch after crocking LT.

The Referee’s a…: If I am being completely frank, he did seem to favour Oxford ever so slightly… When Kedwell received similar treatment to Cuntstubble no free-kicks were awarded. He did play some decent advantages and give us a penalty though, so can’t knock him entirely. The standard of officiating I feel is a massive leap from the BSS, which was more reminiscent of the RP – and we know what we thought of that.

Them: Strong, cynical with a bit of football thrown in for good measure. Think they’ll do well this season but still reckon Luton will pip them to the title. Would be hilarious to see them fuck it up in the POs again and have added pressure of a fourth season in the BSP. They brought a great number down and were very loud. I could definitely hear them from the TE. Dread to think how outnumbered and outsung we’ll be when we visit the Kassam later this year…

All in all, not a disastrous day at the office and definitely a few lessons learned by a lot of our players. I’m hoping that with our next game only round the corner, we can implement some of those and put Grays to the sword.

I think usual service will be resumed on Monday, unless REPD is swanning off somewhere again.